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I have until recently been with DirectTV for over 8 years. A few months ago one of my receivers went 'out' and I went to Best Buy to purchase another one.

Thankfully a very young sales rep. informed me that even though I am purchasing a new receiver, I don't OWN it, I am only purchasing it at a discounted rate and that when I call DirectTV to activate the new card I will be re-committing myself to a new 24 month contract,(think cell phone services).

Well, luckily my parents had kept their old receiver so I switched out with them, however with all the new promotions and such from DirectTV, I called their customer rentention department and asked 'hey, you are offering new customers the same package I am paying 52.99 for only 29.99, if they sign up for a 24 month auto-pay commitment...can I have that'...they repeatedly said it's for new customers only. While I went on to tell them that I have been with them for 8 years, so, I am happy, that for continued 24 months of more happiness they need to give me the new offering plan or bye bye..guess what, they offered me a $10.00 discount, now keep in mind, these are receivers that are 8 years old, so I am being charged 52.99 plus 5 more for the extra receiver, that's 57.99 plus local channels, 5 bucks more, 62.99, plus taxes and such and I'm busting 70 dollars easy each month, and for new customers, they get NEW DVRS up to 4 rooms, and for the same package I had for only 29.99 a month...guess what happened...bye bye directtv..hello dish network...I signed up for 24 month commitment with Dish Network, got all the same channels I had and then some with them, for 32.99 month, plus 5 dollars more for the extra can kiss my ***...for my 8 years of commitment to you, and you wanted to offer me customer rentention in the form of 10 dollars a month for 6 months..well I went shopping, found a better deal, and committed to your competition....while I am only just one person..I can at least control who get's my money..take that you *** *** companys

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