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Direct TV Introdution Scam: We had the 150 channel service put in a year ago. That is about fifteen watchable channels and 135 *** channels. Now they have over doubled the price and won't let you out of "the two year contract"! They basically trick you into the program with a bunch of hidden undisclosed fine print.t

They are holding our Visa Card hostage. You can't get anyone in Customer Service to deal with this. I think this borders on illegal buisness practices. It is definately sneaky and not up front honest!

Direct TV You have Scammed us and we are Pissed!

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You could call your credit card and report your card lost or stolen and get a new card # if this does not work you may have to cancel the card if you don't want charges placed on it.There is no reasoning with customer service or supervisors at DTV and you will not talk to the same person twice

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