North Ridgeville, Ohio
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I have had Direct TV for over 4 years. My son made sure they set it up right and it was an improvement over time warner cable. However, after the first year my bill went from in the $60's to $115. I think the package price is ok, where they nail you is with the receivers, you can buy them. Yes we have alot of Tvs, and it is costing me $6 each a month for each one. They claim they give you a discount for HD, that should be free, they dharge $3 for whole house programming.

I hate to tell you direct TV we now have a roku 3 and I am tired of calling you every time you raise my rates and some time yu act like it is a big deal to give me a $5 discount, this should never expire, but you do not care about you loyal customers and cutting them a break, you are very greedy and I will never come back to you, even if it was or free. I have called several time and and you will do nothing for me. I am in the process of getting a antenna booster once that is complete, see ya.

Let's see $120 a month less 16 is $104 I have and even if I have to pay $40 or so more for other things, I am way ahead and Roku is 1000% better, yes there are some short commings but with all the movies to watch in my opinion, you cannot compete with them, you are lucky my wife likes some of your channels or I would have cut the cord a long time ago, Will withi the next couple of weeks. I have really tried to stay with you but you are not interested, so I hope in the future you go out of business, that is what you deserve!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: go out of business.

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