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I haven't been happy with my service with Direct Tv at all.I told them that and wanted to cancel and to keep my they said that they could give me showtime free for 6 months and also their red zone channel free this year.

You can't normally get the RZC separate from their Sunday Ticket. It's Sunday Ticket/RZC or nothing at all. They said they would however give me just the RZC. I was pleased with that enough to stay.

Well, I check my account and only showtime was on it.

I call in to find out why the RZC wasn't added. They said the CSR made a mistake and I asked them what they were going to do about it. I was told in the end, they wouldn't do anything even though I was assured it would happen. They said I had to WRITE A LETTER to disputes so they could listen to the recording because to them "I could just be making all of this up." So now I guess I'm sending them a letter so they will listen to it, confirming what I told they.

Let's just say it's my mission that Direct Tv gets bad PR.I was also laughed at for wanting to talk with a supervisor.

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I have had issues with Directv for about 18 months now.The most recent was when I called and cancelled NFL Sunday Ticket.

The next months bill came and I was charged. I spoke with a supervisor who said they would refund my credit card the amount. Also, to stay as a customer he offered me a free DVR upgrade, 3 months of DVR service and the NFL Ticket at no charge. The catch was I had to sign into a new 2 year contract.

I never received my refund. My next bill comes and they issued me a credit for the previous months NFL Ticket then charged me for the NFL Ticket once again.

They are incompetent to say the least.I will be writing a letter as well, and if they want to fight me on the cancellation fee then I will be seeing them in court.


In addition they tried to "sell" Sunday ticket to me at full price!After they LIED and LAUGHED at me.

All I can say is, if the disputes thing doesn't work out, DISH will be getting money from me.

Bye Direct Tv!Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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