i called direct tv to see about using their services, I ordered them and they brought the wrong eguipment, so I called then and told them about the misshap, and that the installers said it would be a $75.00 fee to put dish on pole because i have a metal roof. I also informed them I was going to have to pay Dish network because of early termination, and had taken half a day off work and would have to agian when they came back out with the correct products.

I was put on hold and the tech. came back and said he would give me a $100.00 dollar credit. gues what no credit and they can see where i was given one. i am so mad that I was lied to and they are not honoring their promise.

I tried to cancel and they said I was bond by contract, I had not even laid my eyes on three days after instalation. I hate dealing with liars they told me what I wanted to here to get my buisness and did not honor it after they had it.

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