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When I first signed on to Direct tv they had VERSUS then after a month they dropped it Turns out Direct tv has been propagating lies abut why they dropped VERSUS from their schedule. The fact is, Direct tv wanted to add an additional charge to watch VERSUS (like Showtime or HBO) and VERSUS would not allow it. The price to Direct tv is the same as another other service, not a penny more. I dumped Direct tv today and went back to Comcast so I can watch the Tour de France this year. I told them they can follow me to the ends of the earth but they will never get their $20/mo. cancellation fee since they did not live up to their end of the deal. To get the full story read here:

Monetary Loss: $80.

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i want to watch the fights on versus.i think i will drop d tv


what can you do about direct rippoff tv

they sold me a 24.99 package and now it cost 70 dollars a month

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