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My mother and daddy live in Missouri. My mother called to inquire about Direct TV installation. She is almost 90 years old. Direct TV came to her home and did an installation (which really was nothing since she already had Dish) and told my mother she had to pay them a $21.00 handling fee for the box and it had to be placed on a credit card. My mother gave the Direct TV man her credit card for the $21.00 charge and of course Direct TV automatically charged the first 2 months bill on her card without her consent (after all she is 90). I called her credit card company and had the charge taken off. Direct TV then informed her (not me) that she has to pay the $21.00 handling fee before she could have service. Now my mother owes $173.00 before she can even get Direct TV turned on AND they also say she has to keep her contract for 2 years. My mother does not pay any of her finances, I (her daughter) do. I did not sign any contract with Direct TV because I would never have committed my mother to any kind of contract for 2 years. (Good Grief, she is alomost 90). So now my mother and daddy have no TV service except local. I tried to call and talk to Direct TV but they were hateful, rude, ugly, mean, and uncompassionate. This was a SCAM done by Direct TV against a senior citizen. What do they think senior citizens do all the time? Senior citizens need their TV's. They have nothing else to do. Is Direct TV so callous, hard-hearted, uncaring and greedy they will *** the elderly to line their pockets? Since I see this to be the complete truth I can promise Direct TV alongside with Dish Network this:

I will do anything in my power, alongside with others contributing their assistance in this matter, no matter how long it takes or who I have to go through to make sure each and all of you are held liable for all the senior citizens you have "scammed and conned" money from by your deceit and fraud. I will work endlessly and tirelessly to see that you pay the money back to the senior citizens that you conned it out of. I will work tirelessly and endlessly to pass legislation that keeps you from doing this to any of our elderly forever again.

I will turn this matter over to each state Attorney Generals' office, the FTC, FCC, U. S. Better Business Bureau and post this on any and all websites I can post it. I will work with the AARP who has numerous funds to help this fight.

Shame on each and every one of you who have done this to our senior citizens and our elderly!

They were kind and trusting and you violated that trust and you will be held liable for doing so!!

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I feel your pain. I work with senior citizens and this seems to be a regular occurrence.

Whether it is with the telephone, the electric/gas bill, charitable organizations, cable and even landlords, many seniors are not even protected from organizations that they have deemed safe.

I have removed seniors from unnecessary programs that have increased their discretionary income by nearly 50%. Laws need to change to protect senior citizens in this country who are unable to recognize the new face of scam artistry.