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I actually was on the phone with Verizon on an unrelated matter, when the lady started soliciting Direct TV to me. I was a fool, and bought it.

I advise anyone who has cable to not lose your cable! My very first question was: I've always heard that satellite goes out all the time - during inclement weather. The lady said that was in "the old days". She said I should try it out for a year, quoted me at $99 a month for phone, cable and Direct TV.

I tried to get out of this the very first week in January after I got it and the cable went out (that's how we can tell it's raining now). They said I was in a 2 year contract. My payment has always been exactly if not more than my cable. It is not worth it.

Take it from me - I served in the Armed Forces since I was 17 (for 26 years)- just retired, and I was taken.

Felt/still feel like a fool, the lady seemed so sincere.

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The same thing happen to my good luck.


Thank you, Shannon.


Thank you Misty123 and Ace - appreciate the feedback. Thanks - hope you have a great weekend.


Ignore Seymour Butts, he is an employee for the scam and fraud company called Direct TV.


I can't really believe this comment I just read. This man is seriously disturbed.

Sir I'm not sure who cut you off today on an abandon road or what childhood problems you haven't worked out but you need to seek professional help. Did you ever think that maybe people come here to post feelings they have about something or even post their disappointments so someone can help them? And who gives you the right to talk to anybody the way you just did to that Veteran?! Your no more important than the next guy.

And If DTV works so "GREAT" tell me why it needs "Super Potty Mouth Man" to defend it?

Its great your DTV is working at optimal levels, other people's may not. So the next time you want to open your nasty word filled mouth, spit out useful information like you actually did in about 10% of your comment post.


From his writings I'd say Seymour is mentally ill and should be put away where he cannot harm himself or others! or he is an employee of DirectTV. This is Direct's M/O.


Seymour - thanks for your initial compliment.

I would like feedback from others on your last remark about "fiery death in a one car accident on an abandoned stretch of road".- not from children I hope.

Good thing I live in the city - lots of traffic - I'll be sure to beware of abandoned stretches of road out in the country.

Excellent political remarks, though - not sure this was the best forum, if only you could convince the media..


Thank you for your input, Misty. Good, pertinent issues people should know.


Fact:DirectTV has an "F" rating with the BBB! I'd also question who did the rating for this so called 99.9% customer satisfaction.

The reception is far from 99%. I lost reception at least 2 times a week every time it rained or if the wind blew very hard with DirectTV and my receiver was aligned correctly! I aso had the so called $99 per month for the three services with Direct and AT&T.The actual cost was $150-$170 per month. I would strongly recommend If Direct has your bank acc # or credit card # change these numbers or close the account to prevent Direct from placing unauthorized charges on them in the future.

Remember too if there is an upgrade for their equipment whether it stops working or just an upgrade this adds another 2 years to your contract.There are many thngs Direct does not tell you they will lie and tell you what they think you want to hear and you find out differently at your expense. Cable does not charge for replacement or repairing their equipment and they do not have microscopic fine print to wade through.I went back to cable and I will stay.I will also warn everyone I can about DirectTV!


1st and foremost I would like to thank you for your 26 years in service of your fellow countrymen. While I'm sure most of those years were not in actual combat the fact that you could have laid down your life to defend this country deserves acknowledgment and gratitude.

Now to the matter of your complaint. DIRECTV claims to have 99.9 percent signal reliability not 100 percent. Nothing, not even cable signal, is 100 percent. In fact, you are more likely to experience a disruption in service with a cable company than with DIRECTV. Why? Because idiots are always engaging in unauthorized digging and cutting cable lines. The result? You are out of servicde for hours or days. Also, cable service is affected by inclement weather as well. So shut up about how great cable service or how reliable it is.

Also, a little 411 about cable rates; they are going to continue to increase at the same rate they always have, 3 - 10 bucks a year once or twice a year, every year.

Now, there may be a problem with the alignment of your dish because even a strong thunderstorm should not interfere with your DIRECTV signal. The receivers provide feedback to DIRECTV regarding signal strength and DIRECTV has begun an initiative to contact customers whose signal strength may not be optimized and may even send out a technician at no cost (I know, some of you liberal Obama lovers think that everything is free but the reality is that it costs money to send a tech out, about 50 bucks. You brain dead MFers don't work for free unless your sitting on your fat *** collecting welfare in front of your TV complaining about your crummy reception). Forgive me, I digress. How many business do you know of that try to prevent a problem before there is one? Certainly not a cable company. Not Dish Network. To Tell The Truth the FACT of the matter is that DIRECTV has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction for 9 years running over cable companies and 4 years running over Dish Network. In fact Dish Networks customer satisfaction is at an all time low. This is FACT not fiction. So if you think DTV is bad then every one else has to be pretty ***.Incidentaly, snow build up on the dish can interfere with reception. It's like throwing a blanket on the dish.

Hope this helps and to all of the whiners out there, I hope you die a fiery death in a one car accident on a abandoned stretch of road.

Bless the Beasts and the Children.