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I was a Cox TV customer in Las Vegas. A DIIRECT TV salesperson assured me that DIRECTV would broadcast all of the UNLV Basketball and football games plus all of the Lakers Games just like Cox does but Direct TV offered many more channels.

I just read in the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper Sports section that Cox has reached an agreement with Time Warner to broadcast all of the UNLV and Lakers basketball games but Direct TV is refusing to broadcast these games because they don't want to pay the measly $3.95 per customer charge!!! So Direct TV lied to us to about broadcasting the UNLV and Lakers games to induce us to install their equipment. In addition, we have 4 TV's and so far, we have had to have 6 technicians come out from Direct TV because half the time, at least 2 of our TV's don't work because of Direct TV's malfunctioning modems!! They never showed us their Equipment Lease Contract before they installed their equipment.

The tech who installed the equipment handed me a folder as he was leaving titled "Tips and Tricks," a very apt name for Direct TV. I found the "DIRECTV Equipment Lease Agreement" inside this folder after he left! I told them if they don't get their modems working properly and broadcast the UNLV and Lakers Basketball games they promised, I will cancel them and go back to Cox. Now they claim I'm bound by the DIRECTV Equipment Lease Agreement which they never showed me before they installed their equipment and say they will charge me $480 if I cancel them!!!!

In my opinion DIRECTV is an unethical operation and in fact runs an illegal "Bait and Switch operation" because they don't show you their contract before you let them install their equipment. They email what if supposedly a copy of it AFTER they get everything installed! Three of their Reps have refused to even provide me with a valid email address with which I can file my complaints with them and have a record of what I filed!! They say they are under instructions from upper management not to give out any email address!!!

I am going to file Complaints with the FCC, U.S. and Nevada Attorney General's Offices if they don't broadcast the promised UNLV and Lakers Games.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Trash,Trash. I got robbed.

I signed up for a $49 a month Direct tv and after three months my bill is $120 a month. Triple. The CEO of this company got a $80 million dollar bonus plus his salary.

Don't get robbed like I did. Read the fine print