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was going to get direct tv, then i found out that they wanted to run a credit check. which in it's self was a good idea to determine the amount of deposit i would have to put up.

the distressing thing that i was told by direct tv's enrollment supervisor was that the amount of discount i was to receive was solely determined by my credit rating, this was to make sure that the ones who deserved the greatest discount would receive it. i asked who determined who was going to make the decision if i was deserving of the discount. she told me direct tv would make that decision.

this appeared to me to be blatantly illegal either everyone can get the discount or no one can. it is not up to direct tv corporation to decide if i'm worthy of there discount or not.

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To the first comment nobody is talking about a loan and to compare it to that means you either didn't read what he wrote or you work for Directv.personally i have never had a problem with Directv but Comcast on the other hand is a joke.they either want you as a customer or they don't it is that simple.take your money somewhere else and do all you can to take customers with you hit them were it hurts The Pocket Book


So you think that everyperson should get the same rate on a car loan? How about a home loan?

Nobody is holding a gun to your head here. You have the free will to choose another provider who does not do credit checks.

Or better yet. Skip pay TV for a bit and pay your bills instead.


agreed to get tv based on fact that they told me they only need to cable wire to one receiver. they told me the main receiver transmitted signal to other receivers in house saving running cable to all the receivers.

when installer arrived, I was suprised to here that was a big fat lie. Had to drop the deal and send the installer home.


I had the same thing happen. When I did the online credit check it said it was good and there was no deposit. Then I got a letter in the mail saying I do not qualify for the free deposit.

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