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We were using a Direct tv promotion that allowed us to recieve an addtionaly $10.00 of our monthly bill if we paid with American Express, we signed up for DTV by going to a direct dealer-Best Buy, who has a specefic number they are supposed to call, they made the inital call, and then the represenative spoke to me, I specifically mentioned the promotion and requested that my bill be charged to my AMX so that I would recieve the disount, at no time was I told that I was not elegible for that promotion. My first AMX bill comes, not reflecting the discount, so I call dish and they tell me that Best buy is not designated to call the number that is required in order for me to be elegible for that specefic promotion...and there is no way for them to correct it. Additionaly i have had serice for almost a month now, but our reception is pixilationg, but becaues we live in a rural area, we have not had the issue looked at.., bad service all around..right off the bat...did i make a mistake by choosing DTV?

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I was lied to by a salesman from India. He lied to me up one side and down the other.

Direct tv couldn't care less that their agents lied to me. I'm now imprisoned for the next 24 months and do everything I can to convince everyone I can to run and hide from DTV.

They are too big and slimy. Run for your life.

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