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When me and my Husband signed up with direct tv through ATT we were thrilled to be going with a company that seemed to be so determined to provide excellent customer service. Three months after signing up we learned that we were wrong, we were told when we signed up that we would be given the movie channel for 1yr but in reality it was three months, we agreed that it wasnt worth a fight and decided to just remove the movie channel, not a year later we find out we were lied to yet again.

When we signed up we were told we would be getting the discounted price for the length of our contract which is 24 months now we find out nope its one year. I called and was not only given attitude but told that it was our fault for not looking at our bill. After arguing with a supervisor we were given a discount for 6 months but only for half what we should have been receiving and this was only after I threatened to sue them, due to the horrid customer service we received we will be leaving direct tv when our contract ends.

Hopefully people will read this and see that direct tv baits their customers by offering discounts and specials and once you sign up they switch what they originally told you and trying to get them to admit they were wrong is like try to get a cat to bark. Please dont go with direct tv there horrible.

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