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when i first signed up for direct tv i was planning on moving in the next few months. the guy told me it was no problem and all i would have to do is take my box and plug it in.

well, it didn't work. when i called them they said that they needed to charge me $200 to install it. i already had a direct tv working dish on my new house! i'm now moving into an apartment where it states in the lease that i cannot have a satellite and they still want to charge me a $300 "uninstallment fee" when its my apartments who are not allowing it.

i told them to suck it and also stopped paying my bills completely.

they just want to take as much money and have you pay as many *** fees as possible. don't fall for it.

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So you made a choice to move somewhere that does not allow directv. You are in a contract and want out scott free for breaking the contract because of your own choices.

You made the decision to move to the new place and you made the decision to end the commitment early. Directv did not force you to make these decisions so why shouldnt you pay for your own choices

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