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I have been a directtv customer for almost 7 years - though 2 moves. I have been overall neutral/somewhat pissed about their services - rebates that never appeared, intermittent service outages, sometimes sketchy customer service, etc.

However this instance takes the case and makes me want to write to everyone I know, customers and those who are thinking of subscribing to direct tv and tell them to step away.

I recently did a bundle with ATT in order to save money on tv, wirelsss and internet. Backstory, in January when canceling some premium channels, I was talked into trying the HD receiver from Direct TV for 6 months free. At that time I was assured I could cancel after anytime and I was not under contract (because come on, a contract for TV?

Ridiculous). So I agreed to try it - my mistake. When the installer came out, he could not actually set up the receiver as a DVR because of the way Direct TV initially wired the house - their mistake 1 & 2. So I agreed to settle for a regular HD receiver.

It was fine. I don't really care about HD nor even really notice a difference. in May I canceled a DVR in another room and lowed my programming plan. At that time, I spoke with another representative who again assured me the HD received could be canceled at anytime (and in fact I considered canceling everything at that time, but I was talked out of that - my mistake).

So back to today - I called to cancel my direct tv service as ATT Uverse and bundle is up and running just fine. Now all of a sudden, they want to charge me $360.00 for early cancellation of my satellite box. An early cancellation of a contract that I never agreed to, and would never have agreed to complete. I spoke to 2 customer service reps who were arrogant idiots, one supervisor who was also completely unhelpful.

I had them send me the contract that supposedly covers this, and I will take it to my attorney. And then I canceled the additional boxes and lowered my package until I get some legal advice as to my rights.

And meanwhile I will advise everyone to stay far away from Direct TV and their scams.

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:cry I don;t even have an account with them and paid it for my ex boyfriend with my credit card and that was in june of 10, his service was disconnected and they took 210 out of my checking accnt. When i called them and told them my name wasn;t on the direct tc accnt and i wanted my money back they refused to give it back.

I am goign through my bank to get it back, but if they cant do something about this i will close out my bank accnt and refuse to deal with banks ever again. If i were working with cash or money orders this would never had happened. If the bank can hold every penny i make they should protect as well.

FIGHT BACK ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. This is not my fault ot the account holder who had the service with direct, which is they told me to call with the problem, i dont even have a number for them any more :(


Direct tv just billed us for pay per view. Saying we owe them some money for channels we dont know about.

Our recievers has always said no purchases because we dont use ppv.

A friend of mine said, "if it doesnt say what it is then its ***." Which i have no reason to go to *** on direct tv. I have a computer for that if i wanted to.

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