Torrance, California

Dear Direct TV,

Since I have had your services I have been extremely dissatisfied. Because I don't want to pay the disconnect fee of $440 to cancel my service, I am at the mercy of your policies and will instead pay $50 for something your company should absolutely be responsible for. Here is the sequence of events that I have gone through with you:

October 23rd "" had your service installed in my home. Your service rep did not inform us of our DVR options, and did not advise us that we were being provided with a non HD compatible DVR Receiver. Also, when I initially called to order your services, no one on the phone informed me of my options.

Date unknown "" Direct TV added a promotional 3 months free of Showtime and Starz. My children came across *** content as a result of these channels being on my television. I called the next day and requested that these channels be removed immediately. I was told that there would be a $10 charge to cancel the "promotional" service before the 3 months was up. Seriously? I spoke with a supervisor who waived the fee after I spent many minutes explaining why it was absurd that you would penalize me for canceling something I NEVER ASKED FOR. That was my first customer experience with you.

After settling into my new home (hence the reason I ordered your cable service), we finally connected our television. That is when we discovered that our reception was not as crisp as it should be and that we had no HD channels on our cable. When I called you to request how we can fix that, I was told that I would need an HD DVR Receiver, which would cost me $100. And so began the following sequence of events:

November 8th "" called to request an upgrade to an HD compatible DVR receiver. Was told there would be $100 fee. Spoke to a supervisor who couldn't waive the fee, but stated that he has come across this issue a lot because they're service guys aren't asking customers up front if they need an HD compatible DVR. He told me someone from the home office in Colorado would call me back within 72 hours. No one called.

November 11th "" I called and spoke with supervisor Matt (OMA1176), repeated my story, he told me there was nothing he could do, but that he would have the home office call me back w/in 48 hours. No one called.

November 16th "" I spoke with Kiki in your call center, told her my story, she said there was nothing she could do, so she transferred me to Michael in the "ACE" department. I told him my story. He told me there was nothing he could do, but that he would submit my request to the home office with a request for someone to call me back "immediately". No one called.

December 2, 2009 "" I spoke with "Amy" in your call center. She was by far the most difficult representative and most unhelpful of all the people I dealt with at Direct TV. I didn't get very far in my story before she very flatly told me that she sees I've spoken to multiple supervisors who have all told me that if I want to change the DVR box to an HD compatible box that I would have to pay for it and that they are not going to change their mind now. I explained to her that I have already gone through this and that I was told I would get a call back from the home office. She said that I will incur an expense and that would not change. I asked her to speak to a supervisor. She again told me that the supervisors are not going to change their mind. She put me on hold at 9:12 pst. A supervisor came on the line at 9:15 told me there was going to be a long wait because they're all busy. Before I could respond, she put me on hold again.

This was my breaking point. I hung up and called back and requested to cancel my service. I was transferred to Jennifer ID#435789 in the retention department. She will waive the HD DVR receiver fee, but I will have to pay $50 upgrade fee (I gave her my WF Credit Card #). That's after she waived $100 and $20 fee. She will have someone come out on Friday, 12/11 to replace the dish and the DVR. I will pay a $10/mo. Increase for the HD cable (which is fine with me).

As a consumer, I am left wondering why your company failed to provide me with my options, and assumed I needed non HD compatible equipment and more importantly, why I am being penalized for it. I would like you to credit my account with the $50.00 that you charged my credit card. I'll wait for my letter from you telling me that because I waited more than 14 days to call with the upgrade request, you cannot reimburse me that fee, even though my circumstances are extremely reasonable to any logical person.

Your company is exactly what's wrong with big business. People are at the mercy of your bureaucratic policies, hidden costs and encouraging your staff to say no, before they say yes, so the average person will just go away and you reap the financial benefit at our expense. As a result of the way you have chosen to handle my complaints, which is to ignore them until I tell you I'm canceling my service, I will tell everyone I know not to get your service. I will make an extra effort to share my story on line wherever I can get visibility to do so to large groups. I can only hope that the sincerity with which I write this letter is felt by the reader and that maybe, if anything, this will be passed on and added to the pile of complaint letters that leads to some sort of customer service improvement.

I'm forwarding this letter to the Better Business Bureau.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I am facing same or similar issues with Direct TV. Direct TV cheated me by prolonging my contract without my notice.

As it is explained in the beginning post, the customer server are real pretty ignorant bureaucratic, no sensitivity towards the customers. I have wasted my hours and hours of time explaining the same story again and again again.

And I also felt that their escalations are lateral, not to upper levels. At this point, just like other several thousands unsatisfied customers, I am just hanging in there and trying to adjust to their brutality.




Direct tv is full of lying employees. They took a bill for $242 and some change out of my account and could not tell me why.

On august 6 2011 I spoke with someone she said it would be in my account within 3-5 business days. Called again Friday, he said it would be there the next day saturday, call today and spoke to four differen telling me I have a credit of $307.


Do not believe anything the sales rep. tells you.

I had the service for only one day and am totally dissatisfied. I cancelled and they told me I would have to pay anyway: even though the sales rep said I had 15 days to cancel at no charge.

If you call these liars be sure YOU RECORD the conversation too. Liars all.


I dont understand why they removed Oxygen from my plan??? i never took it off, so why would they just remove that channel?

I would watch all my favorite shows on there like the bad girls club, now i have to look through my neighbors window just to watch it! this has got to stop one day she will see me!

:( :? :sigh :cry


every dealing I have had with Direct TV has consisted of them lying to me. Heres the short story.

I hooked up Direct TV approx 2 years ago as I live in the country and cable is not available. After my contract was up I noticed that Dish network had a better deal, $24.99 for basic 150 channels, as i only usually watch the local channels, CNN and sometimes History or Discovery I felt this was a good deal over the $39.99 Direct TV was charging.

I called Direct TV to give them a chance to save my business and they gave me the same old run around, well our channels have more HD and blah blah, I explained that I didnt care I just wanted the basic 120 or 150 channels and local, they said they only offer that rate to new customers...never heard of customer retention I guess.

So I canceled my service.

About a day later I get a call from a representative saying they could give me the same offer, $24.99 for the basic 120 or 150 whatever it was, I agreed and thought that would be the end of it.

about a month later I get my first bill and they are charging me $45.99!! more then I was paying originally. So I called and the person explained that I had HD service and DVR service, all things I told them specifically I didn't want, again I told them to cancel the service. After about 30 minutes on the phone they agreed to give me a $200 dollar credit for my troubles and change the service.

I didn't pay much attention over the next 4 months or so because I had a credit then once it was over I AGAIN was paying $39.99...

I called for the third (and what I thought was final) time and canceled. Well yesterday I get a call from another rep, Joe Green, saying they can now offer the same thing as new customers get, $24.99 no hd, no dvr just basic 120 and local channels, at this point I am obviously skeptical and grabbed my handy tape recorded.

I put the rep on hold to set it up, (In the state I live in only one party has to be aware off recording a call, that party was me) I went over the package with Joe Green and he assured me that I was getting the $24.99 package, no dvr, no hd no extra charges so I reluctantly agreed.

Today I get the email confirmation from him and low and behold he lied...again.

I am paying what $29.99 for 24 months, not $24.99 for 12 months, I have apparently ordered 2 HD receivers and I must maintain the HD and DVR service for 24 months or my rate jumps to $49.99???

I called Joe Greens number and of course it is just a general answering *** for some arm of Direct TV so you cant actually speak with the person that lied to you so I call the general customer service number, briefly explain the situation and get transferred to the retention department (which I can only imagine is busy as ***) and speak with Abel, after a brief conversation I ask to speak with his supervisor, he puts me on hold for a couple minutes and comes back to tell me he is transferring me...and naturally what happens? I get cut off...

This is the LAST time I will be dealing with this company and since my conversation with Joe Green was recorded I will be sending a complaint to the BBB and the FCC consumer fraud protection division.



Even I am facing a similar issue from Direct TV that I took in 2008. In my case, I took the connection thru phone. And while taking the connection they informed me that, If I am leaving the country in between then there is no breakage fee, as I am going out of country, where there is no Direct TV service. But now I could see in my credit report they posted that amount in Collection category. I am exteamly un happy with their service and the way they treat their costomer. I am not sure if I can talk credit reporting companies on this matter. Due to which I beleive even my credit history is impacted a lot. Please suggest any suggestions for this.