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Direct TV lies about their NFL package price and their customer service sucks. I say this after having seen their service deteriorate during the 11 years I have used them for the NFL.

They advertise that the NFL package is one cost, what they don't tell you is that you have to pay additionally for a family package every month on top of the NFL (something like $30 every month!) - even if you only want the NFL. Then when the NFL is over, you can only "pause" the programming for 6 months, which means you need to "restart" DirectTV programming 2 months before the NFL games! So there's another $60 for *** you don't want!

I'm a diehard football fan, but I just terminated my contract with them, because I have to go through this stuff for the past several years (see my rant below). Their customer service can't help you either, they pass you off from person to person and each one contradicts the next one.

Similar to other complaints, Direct TV's customer service goes beyond sucking. No one has the right answer, they will tell you different things each time you call. They bundle their packages so the advertised price is a lie.

Case in point:

I have had the NFL package they sell exclusively for over 11 years. For awhile their service was great, at a reasonable rate. Then HD came along and with it, they screwed everything up. I only get the NFL package and so every year I would miss the first game because they didn't pull a switch. Of course if you ask why they didn't you would get seven different answers. So this year I called them up and said I want it on and I am paying up front. They took my credit card number. Guess what? It wasn't on. Then, finally after missing the first half of my team's game, they fixed it, but NO CREDIT!!! They supposedly don't do credit, although I've had them give me credit before - again, depends on who you talk to and who lies to you the best!

So two weeks later, I called them because I received a statement in the mail saying I still owed. I told them I gave them my cc over the phone, they said oh yeah, we see it, it's not posted. I said great, this won't affect my seeing the games, no, I was assured, it would not. Guess what? No NFL package for me!!! So then I call them up, and accounting says it's a technical problem, not a accounting problem. But Technician says it's a accounting problem! Who the *** is running this F'n company??? They tell me engineering will fix it, they do, but now I only get SD, not HD!!! That will be fixed they say.

Fast forward to the following weekend. Guess what? No HD games!!! Oh, you need to pay an additional $30 a month to buy the family plan which allows you to have HD for your NFL package!!! Does that make sense to anyone else here? Isn't that illegal??? They sell the NFL pkg. for $318! I used to pay $129! Don't you think that would include the HD with it? Considering they sent me a HD Dish and I had HD last year and the year before and the first two weeks of this season??? So basically, after going up the chain, they can't credit me, they can't do anything, they have a monopoly, so now the NFL package by itself costs over $400 a season!

Don't be fooled. If you just want the NFL pkg and nothing else, it's expensive and you won't get any credits if they F'up your viewing of those games. The CEO should fire himself, he was on that Undercover Boss show, perhaps he should pay more attention to customer service! I was a loyal customer! Direct TV sucks and yet they still have a monopoly on the NFL games! I'm researching to see if that bundling that they do with NFL plus family package is even legal! Didn't Microsoft get in trouble for the same type of thing???

Find the game at a local bar or let's start a campaign to the NFL about their TV partners. It's a black eye to them too!

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Direct TV are crooks. bottom line. We are going back to cable as their customer service and their actual service ***