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Several months ago I began have problems with my Direct TV DVR. I called and went through the fix on the phone. I then began having a lot of problems and calling tech support all the time. They almost always tried to act like it was a minor problem, even though it was always something different and almost constant. Sometimes they tried to say they didn't have a record of previous problem calls until I forced the issue.

I began just resetting and reformatting the disk myself. It got so bad that two weeks ago I called and told them that this was their last chance. They told me at that time that if I had to call again they would send me a new dvr. She said she put it in the notes on my account.

Today I began having problems that resetting and changing the batteries in the remote wouldn't fix. When I called, the tech first said there was no record of problems! She then said we needed to do this and that to fix it. I told her nothing fixed it and to check the notes, that on the previous call they told me I would get a new dvr. She said there wasn't anything in the notes about that! I said I wanted a new one that wouldn't have constant problems. She said she couldn't send me a new one. I told her to send me a final bill and get their equipment. They didn't even try to keep me after 10 years!

I told them I would tell everyone I can not to get Direct TV and that they don't value their customers. I am now going with Cox Cable.

I can't understand how they would let a 10 year customer go instead of just sending a new box. There must be something going on in that company that I don't understand, or else they are the worst managed company in history.

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Ya was with Direct Tv for 5 months and 4 of the months I had repair guys at my house. I was out of tv for atleast half the time I was a customer but the bills kept coming with no discount after complaining " I just want to watch tv ".

Final bill they offered me a whole 20 bucks off for my trouble but in the end I paid 70 a month to have TV half the time. I think I may have gotten ripped of lol u think ? I said I have hbo showtime dvr box extra box meet me in the middle at 35 or you can have your stuff back..

the guy actually just transfered me to cancellation department or 15 dollars instead of actually making a customer not feel as ripped off has I was .. I guess 15 bucks will put Direct TV out of business wtf lol..

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