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I had Direct TV install service at my new house. Not only did they charge me $30.00 more per month than my original "agreement", but they added quite a few misc fraudulent charges to my account.

Some bogus fee for a "protection plan" I never ordered. When I asked for it to be refunded, they charged me $10.00 to cancel the plan. What!?! Apparently there is nobody in charge there because after an hour on the phone with supervisor "Richard" I was told that my rate would be restored to what I was originally quoted.

Next bill showed it had clearly not been restored. I spoke with someone today who told me that supervisor Richard was wrong and that I could not get the original quoted rate because I had not gone online and filled out rebates. What!?! What rebates???

The customer service rep who signed me up never mentioned such a thing. Well, apparently I was supposed to find this in the fine print on my first bill somewhere. Scandalous! I am canceling my service as of today and I will NEVER DEAL WITH THEIR BS AGAIN!!!

Direct TV is a joke. Go with cable!!!

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I knew about the credit card, but they can't charge my checking account can they...I changed my debit card this morning before they attacked it! I've read about several class action lawsuits against can they continue these practices?


If you are thinking of cancelling Direct's service and they have your credit card # or your bank account they will charge your credit card or bank account $20 for every month left on your contract plus they will probably say they did not get the boxes you mail back to them(get tracking # form FedEx)and try to charge for these too.The only way you can stop these charges from occuring is to close your credit card or bank account before cancelling service with Direct or you will have to deal with the charges placed on your account. Good Luck!

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