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I have had Direct TV six days. I was never told about a 5.00 dollar charge for some service plan, that I still don't know what it is.

I was told , I would get whole house DVR service. which I don't have and Can't get now, per a Direct TV employee. I am now being told,I can't get on Demand, because I have wireless Internet modem. Then I was told I could get it but I would have to pay $148.00, because the technician didn't set it up,when he installed the service., and I am not a new customer now after 6 days.

My next step is to contact a lawyer, because I have no intention on paying direct TV a penny, and I thought cable was bad. At least I was with them for 30 years, before I started having problems.

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Direct TV has very deceptive selling of their services. BEWARE!

If you order whole home DVR service, make sure you are receiving HD receivers in each room you are planning to access your DVR from. They give you standard receivers and you cannot watch your recorded shows in other rooms unless you have HD receivers. Cost to upgrade them, depending on who you can get over the phone, will range in price of 99.00 to 175.00.

VERY DECEPTIVE whole home service. BAD,BAD Direct TV!


Yes, Direct TV is one of the lowest rated companies in the world for scamming people so it should be a buyer be forewarned.

One thing you can do is open one special account just for payments to DTV and or use the pay up front Visa cards from Walmart. Keep only enough money in your special account to pay them...if you cancel then they can't hit you for a scamming cancellation money in the account for them to suck from you.

I did..really p***** them off so it was payback time for me.

Hurt my credit?..nope

Never give a company your main checking account and debit sho was funny when DTV realized I had scammed their low life scamming butts before they could scam mine.


Wait till you try and cancel them and you will get hit with a 300 dollar charge.

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