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Due to moving, I called Direct TV and asked if they would waive the disconnect fee because we will still be customers under my daughters account. They stated "Due to all the problems I have had in the past with the equipment, they would waive the fee and not because we were still Direct TV customers".

OK, I didn't care what the reason was, just that they waived the fee. They proceeded to take out of my bank account (without my knowledge) $294.00. Thanks to Direct TV, I now have bounce check fees. When I called them, the new representative proceeded to tell me there is no record of my call and it was not documented the fee would be waived.

HOW CONVENIENT! She also informed me the reason the gentleman gave me for waiving the fee would not happen. So I asked her if she was telling me I was lied to? No answer, just a P.O.

Box to complain to! They do not care about their customers! DO NOT GIVE A DEBIT CARD NUMBER TO THEM - YOU WILL BE SORRY!

If you do, change it immediately. Direct TV cannot be trusted with your money.

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You may be able to tell your bank that this is a disputed amount and may get your money back remember I said may no guarantee but worth a chance.If you have not done so and they have your credit card or bank account numbers on file call and tell the bank and credit card NOT to accept Charges from Direct TV! they will put a note on your account and you will not be responsible for future charges and yes there will be future charges if Direct TV can find a way.

Any correspondence should be done by Email this gives you a record These are some ruthless people we are dealing with and they have the law on their side. Be wise stay one step ahead of them and don't become their victim again.


EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!!! I think unfortunately, we're stuck paying...I am not giving up easily though! This is a crime!

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