Reston, Virginia

Direct TV cut off our local channels with no warning at all. When we called to have it checked out they sent out a very efficent tech who went over the whole system. He couldnt find any problems so he contacted his office where it was finally determined that we are living in a different county than they had listed.

. We moved into this house in Jan 08 and have been revieving Local channels from Sacramento the whole time. Our previous home also got locals from Sac.. The town we now live in(Forbestown, Ca.) straddles the county line between Yuba and Butte Counties. Our last home was in Yuba county but our new home is 500ft.into Butte County. Since we have children in the Sacramento area and often go there to visit and also do major purchase shopping in that area, we have a greater interest in the local news and ads.

Our local channels are now coming from;

Chico: A town we go to 3-4 times a year.

Redding: A town we have never visited.

Reno:In a different state, for christ sake!

We were told that because of our living in Butte Co. we have no choice other than getting these suck-*** stationswhen our neighbors,500ft. down the road can get the channels that we enjoyed for years.

It seems to me that Direct TV could make some concessions to keep customers happy!

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I'm in the same boat. From Philly, want Philly locals but get Baltimre even thoughI'm directly between both cities.

Direct TV's hands are tied though by the FCC. You address determines what locals you get. Cll Direct TV and tell them you moved to the area you want locals from(need an address obviously) and in 15 minutes you will have locals from that area even if you did not move at all.

They could cars less whe]at locals you get, it's the FCC that's the problem. Another fix is to get an OTA antenna on your roof and you will get the locals you want, just make sure you get the right antenna for the distance you are from the towers.


I agree completely.

We have lived in the metro Boston area for my entire life. All of the cable service providers in the area have the major Boston channels set as "Local Channels". We've just always had them. We made the decision to switch from cable to Direct TV last year, assuming that since we were so close to Boston and that we live in Massachusetts, we'd automatically receive the Boston local channels. We never even thought to question it. We couldn't believe it when Direct TV was installed and our local channels were set to Rhode Island! I called Direct TV right away to voice my complaint. They said that there was nothing they could do. I even offered to pay to recieve at least on of our "REAL" local stations. They told me this was not an option.

We live and work in the Boston area. We depend on the news, weather and especially the morning traffic reports every day for Boston, not for Rhode Island. We are never in Rhode Island. We have nothing to do anything or anyone in Rhode Island (Not that there's anything wrong with R.I). This is driving us crazy and we can't wait until we can get out of the 2 year contract that we thought was only 1 and 1/2 years.

It's unbelievable that we can't get our local channels, even if we offer to pay for them. We've told so many people in our town about this and they will never sign up for Direct TV because of it.

I literally begged Direct TV to authorize a waiver that would allow us to receive the Boston channels. It was denied. Another year of this is going to drive us nuts, but it seems there is nothing we can do but wait it out, then run away from Direct TV forever.