Columbia, South Carolina
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I moved from cable to Direct TV because of poor customer service, well I guess service is better than no service. I was told that as long as I wanted to watch HDTV to expect the loss of signal.

That signal was more "sensitive", even though it returns during the same rain. Also had three pesky "sun flairs" during the football games and NASCAR, so again loss of signal. I'm now stuck for 2 more years of this awful service. Forget about calling them for service their auto answering service goes on forever and their over loud music is awful.

When asked why I was calling, I replied "it's broken" and the auto respose I got was what credit card do you want to use to make a payment. Oh it will be a long 2 years!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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We have not had any bad weather just rain since it was installed. The other day we had wind, didn't loose signal, just rain.

Oh and those pesky "solar flairs" that happened during the NASCAR race Sunday and the football game on Saturday...flairs didn't effect other channels just ESPN.

Technician said I needed cable if I really expected to have service not interrupted. Just don't feel like paying $50 to have it not fixed again.


If you lose service everytime it rains then it's because your dish was not peaked properly or has damage. You should NOT lose service everytime it rains even if you do have HD. Whoever told you that you should expect to is full of *** I am a technician and I installed my own system and almost...almost never lose signal.

You should go into your menu/settings/ and find the link for satellite. Check your signal strength. Your numbers for each of the transponders should average 95 or higher for a properly peaked dish. There are 5 satellites to check, 101, 110, 119, 99, and 103 NONE of the numbers should be below 86 and if any of them are in the 80s at all I would call to have your dish realigned properly. There are other issues that may affect signal as well...a poorly placed footplate on the roof that isn't bolted into a rafter, hail damage or other damage to the dish reflector, etc.

A proper alignment on a properly mounted dish will ensure that you have good quality signal with virtually no signal loss.

Call and schedule a tech to come realign, (or possibly relocate) your dish.