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For what DTV has made off me alone since the late 90's, they could probably own news corp! They are blaming NC but aren't disclosing the last time they renegotiated with NC.

Our CATV comapny used to deal with this all the tme. IIf they don't reach an agreement with them, I will be forced to move to Dish Network. I will move my account (I think 3 DVR's & 2 HD rcvr's) and leave! If we all band together, they will comply!

They should leave the choice to the customer! All they would have to do is create another "package' that would encompass (FX, Speed......etc) I think it's DTV's way to boycott Fox News! Notice they're not griping about the LOCAL networks. That's where the REAL rip off is!

Being charged to receive the networks you can receive on an antenna! Even in our own CATV company, we had to PAY for making their POOR signal veiwable. We live in rual south Texas and the signal from some of the local affiliates is so pooor that amplifiers are needed to receive the signal. We weren't changing for the locals but we had to PAY the local affiliates so our customers could see NFL footbal on the weekend!

ALL of this is basically a rip off!!!!! But, DTV is doing us, the customer, a great disservice!

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