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The Direct TV ads using a Russian mafia dude and a Russian cab driver

sucks. This is America, they cannot find an American theme to use for

their advertising? I have not and will never subscribe to Direct TV!

What else can be said about such absurd advertising. I just hope that the

good folks of this great country will consider, if possible, what outlets

they use for TV and movie watching. If Direct TV is so big in Russia then

use the *** ads there,not here. Has anyone else out there in TV land

picked up on this outrage?

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Springfield, Illinois, United States #1278285

Direct TV is awesome! I used the language setup so I can listen to all channels in Russian language.

Thank you Direct TV! You are number #1 in Russia too!


Oh wow, like I totally get your complaint, like American settlers wasn't from Europe, Africa, Asia and then other countries around the world. Sure, there's no peoples from other countries becoming legal American citizens driving cabs to earn a living and loving the red, white and blue.

I'm sure your ancestors are full-blooded indigenous peoples who were already living on this continent.

Is it that you live under a rock or is it that the school system in IL is so poor they failed to teach you the development of this country, the rich multi-cultural history? Certainly you and Robert aren't bigots, right?


Thank goodness I found your post! I didn't think there was another person in the red, white, and blue that feels the exact same way I do about that.

I remember when this ad came out. It was every other commercial that was broadcast. Total overkill! I think it's a demographical target. I think they had lots of *** european customers right around then & wanted to capitalize on them, not people with brains who wanted an honest service. I remember they did this for other ethnicities to. It's a governmental agenda. They want certain people to consume certain things. They want to keep the idiots walking & kill off people that really understand what's going on.

Thats why your programming is cluttered with cocky fools who can hardly speak english saying "opulence..i haze it" ( I think not, Sputnik...back to Russia is where you must go.)Thanks again for picking up on this also. Live long & prosper brother!

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