Canton, Georgia

I have been with satellite Tv for ten years. First with Pegasus, who was then taken over in this area by Direct TV sometime in 2004. Whjen the better deals came out with satellite services I asked if I could get the same deal that a new customer could. I was informed that it was for NEW CUSTOMOMERS ONLY. Why is it that a loyal faithful customer gets ripped off while a newcomer gets the goodies?? Doesn't sound like good business practice to me.

Just before Christmas I called to cancel my direct TV account. Immediately the defense mode went up and I was asked repeatedly why I was canceling in a most threatening tone. I replied that I could not get as good a deal as a new customer and I didn't think that was right. This debate/fuss/argument went on with me not being allowed to get a word in edgewise untill I finally said I was not going to talk all night and hung up. This representative said we would be charged for this ten year old equipment that had never been updated. The buttons on the clicker had been worn so much they couldn't be read any moreThis caller came from Texas.

The following morning around 10AM another harassing call from a DIRET TV representative named Joe somebody, also located in Texas, who again began the same abrupt, threatening attitude about why I cancelled. Again, only more so, every time I tried to talk or explain anything, Joe would interrupt and try to talk over my words. This happened many times in this 15 minutes of improper harassment.

Distrustful of DIRECT TV following these conversations, I went, in person, to a Direct TV dealer and asked them to find out if I actually got canceled as I had requested. They kindly called someplace and said that 'yes, my service had been canceled'. I reported what had happened with the two rude, crude clowns supposedly representing DIRECT TV and the threatening, belligerent, interrupting attitude they had used. The dealer again placed a call and asked that we be taken of a 'call list'. So far, no one has called back. If they do, I will immediately hang up and I would advise anyone else who cancels to do the same.

DIRECT TV will wait a long time before I join their services again due to the above experience received by this loyal, faithful, long haul former customer received.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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kevin you talk a good line i understand job,s are hard to fine .and i known that you have to talk company talk. if you were to talk face to face to a direct consumer .you may be the sweetest person .but with anger that consumers have for this service i don,t think that would be a good i deal ps this is the only company i known where you can,t talk face to face with a real person such as managment.that,s why we compute like this .and have aspoke person like kevin for mangament. ihope your bouses are.biger than there,scompang man


i have been a direct tv consumer from 06 .when i got this service it was to be 99 dollars monthly with nfl but it did,t go that way . my bills have range from 145.00 and up back in october i made arrangments on my bill service was cut off the day of payments .

iwas made to pay the next month also which was 400.00 now this is un heard of since i,ve had your service it,s been the s---.

ihad time wanger and your tech used there wiring this was not right i paid for direct tv wiring now i had three tech,s plus a sup in my home.all soft ware had to be down loadede again.and i also had hd wirid put in i had to pay your contractor 33.00 out of my pocket. what wrong with that picture.and the killing part he drill holes in to exp wood work jack the way the reason why your tech,s come into people houses and do a sorry *** job in because i was told by one of them is that you don,t want to pay them

@written by regina

Maybe you should go back to 5th grade and learn how to spell Regina!I don't believe you know how to pay your bill on time and are ordering movies and no telling what else,and just don't want to pay!!!


We are a dealer for both DirecTv and Dish. Have been for over 15yrs(DirecTv) and 10years(Dish) It's always a game.

Best to just hang up. Call 10 hours later, get a different shift and different person. Play the DireTv vs Dish card. Ask to speak to a supervisor.

Sometimes they give away the farm to keep you....sometimes they chase you away.

When you get the answer you like and that makes sense...have them note your account, get the bagde ID of the person you are talking to, tell them you want to think about it for a day or two. If you still feel comfortable with the answer after a couple days, call them back and make it happen.