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I was invited back to Direct TV with a special offer- lots of channels and free movies for $39.99 per month for a year. All I had to do was download the 'form' mail it in and I'd be all set.

I spent 3 months making phone calls and sending Emails and no one at Direct TV was able to materialize the form. They even promised to send me one; that never happened. They promised 'credits', but it would take 6-8 weeks minimum to activate them. They are trying to charge me $59.99 per month, and after lots of arguing, I discontinued service. They told me they can raise the price any time they want, and that they're going to bill me for the early disconnect ($3-400). I don't know how hard they'll fight for it, but I'm not planning on being too easy to get along with.

I was lucky, and got signed up without giving them a credit card number, or I'd be out $190 plus when it should have been about $120 for the first 3 months. STAY AWAY from these liars!!!

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Balchik, Dobrich, Bulgaria #12305

I am paying 110 chops a month just to watch excrement in Australia. Extra $7 each if I want to order new release movies.

Sounds like a good deal you have.

Grundy, Virginia, United States #12291

I had Comcast cable and internet and was happy.

One one fine day, the Sales Prom guys from Direct TV called me and spoke about there promos which were sounding soo sweet.

They said I can get the HD Channels (Including HBO, STAR, etc) for one year by paying just 55$.

Then I signed for the same.

Got the connection installed. When I got the first bill it was mentioned that the free HBO, STAR, etc was only for the first 3 months. I felt cheated. When I called up the Customer Service and asked them whts the norm for cancellation, they said I have to pay only the cancellation fee of $15.00.

But now after 4 months when I am requesting for cancellation due to bad satellite signals, they say that I have to pay the early cancellation fee of $400.00. This is rediculous. Also when i contacted the technical support saying the TV is not picking up the satellite signals, they are telling that I need to sign a protection plan by paying an amount for their technicians to come and fix the issue. I feel cheated again. They have given me a service which is not working now and when i ask them to fix it, they are asking me to pay for it.

I want to get rid of the Direct TV connection and go back to Comcast. Comcast is much much much better than any other service providers.

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