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I called to get Direct Tv and they had free installation. I told them I would be moving in 6 months and wanted to know if there was a charge to move my service.

They told me I could get one free move per year and there would be no charge for the move. Here I am six months later calling to move my services and they tell me that I have to pay $99! They will not reverse the charge. I even called the sales line today to act like I wanted new service and told them I would be moving in the next couple months and they again stated I would not have to pay anthing.

When I told them about what was happening they disconnected my call. Direct TV will say anything to get your business.....they will lie.....consumer beware even if it is in writing they have the right to change their fees at anytime.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $360.

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I am on a ltd income,,I called direct tv to tell them to cancel because my bill was 140 a mth. I asked if they could cut me a break and lower the bill,,after paying 140 a mth for three years,, after some,, let me talk to my manager,, b.s., she comes back and says,, ok we will lower it 38 dollars,,, making it,, 102 a mth plus tax,,, which I said ok to,, then they send me a e-mail telling me I am locked in for a year at that rate,,, or I have to pay 180 dollars to cancel,,, They never told me that when talking to them,,, and,, I never signed anything to that agreement !!!!

They initially lied to me when I ordered it, saying my total bill would be 89 dollars a month,, for two years,, the first bill I got was 130 and everyone after that was 130,, I called many times to no avail,, then googled them to see how many law suits are against them for lying ! This company should be regulated by the govt, or consumer protection agency , for all the lies they tell the consumer !!!


DIrect TV did the same thing to me. Now I cannot get them to stop billing even though I have not had service with them for almost two two years.

They are the worst ever.

Stay away at all costs! Never take a contract with Dirsect TV!

the y "lost" their copy and will not acceot mine. Now they are saying taht an add tehy emailed me was the contract.

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