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I should have known to stay away from Direct TV when I was having issues with them from the start. But no, I said I'll give them another chance. After giving them another chance, everything looked to be going good. Didn't have any issues and thought everything was great until a few weeks ago.

I went out and purchased a brand new HD LED TV. Got home hooked it all up and contacted Direct TV to find out how I can upgrade my DVR receiver to an HD DVR receiver. After numerous calls and talking to many rude people, I got a different answer every time I called!

By the end of this circus parade of calls, I was basically told, I would have to pay $265 for a new receiver (lease), $50 for a new dish, $20 for shipping/handling, $10.00/month added to my bill and schedule a tech to come out and hook everything up, send back my old DVR receiver oh and sign a new 2 year contract.... Totaling out around $90/month.

I didn't understand why all these extras costs! all I wanted to do was simply upgrade my receiver. I understood I would have to pay a little more for HD, but that much more! that is crazy!!

So instead of wasting more of my time, energy and seeing that Direct TV didn't care about their current customers, I paid $60 to cancel my subscription with them and I went with Dish Network.

I got a HD DVR receiver in 1 room and another receiver in another room.

I have over 250 channels plus local and HD channels for only $35 a month.

Everything is hooked up and working great!

I should actually thank Direct TV for being rude and trying to rip me off. They ended up saving me money!! a matter a fact, they got me to save $660.00 a year!

Thanks Direct TV!

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