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I signed up for a Direct TV deal about 6 months ago. When I signed up, the deal was $40.00 a month and I received a whole lot of extra channels and specials for the first 3 months.

To ensure that I did not get charged any extra on my bill, I cancelled all of the extras before my special 3 month term was up, however my bill has been going up every month anyway! My bill, which started at $40.00/month is now $53.00/month. I called Direct last month and asked why my bill kept on increasing, and they told me that there were taxes and fees added and that it should stop increasing now, however....I just received my bill for this month and it increased again!!!! It states right on my bill "price guarantee ends 10/2012", so am I crazy and we are really in October or are we still in May and Direct TV has decided that they can just charge me as much as they want, whenever they want?

In the past 4 months alone, my bill has increased $7.57. So if they are making this much money off of me in a 4 month period, how much are they making off of all of their other customers?

Think about it......if they have 1 million customers and just overcharge $1 a month for every customer, they make an extra million dollars in a months time!!! Is this happening to anyone else, or am I the only one????

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I have called 3 times in two weeks and emailed. WHY DOESN'T MY YOU TUBE CONNECT. @ time I am told all test are good on my equipment and my wi-fi is working on all other devices......

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