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When I signed on for this company's television service, I was mislead into thinking I was getting HD. In addition, it took a supervisor to correct the installation (2 previous attempts). The second installation man drilled a hole in the wall, inserted a wire and didn't even connect to the satellite dish.

When I learned that I didn't have HD, I contacted Customer Service. They now want to charge me $200 to add HD.

I had to speak to two customer. service. reps. (I had requested to speak to a supervisor). The second rep that I spoke to was extremely rude. I had to remind him that I was old enough to be his mother and requested that he not speak to me in that tone of voice. He gave two examples to attempt to try to intimidate me for my 'ignorance' in not getting HD at the time of order. His examples were silly and I told him I would be reporting them to the BBB and write the company.

If anyone wants to go with this company, "Buyer Beware". You may well not be ordering all of the service you think you are and then you will be required to 'pay additional' charges.

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We tryed to cancel Direct tv and I was put on 45 minute holds until I would hang up for another of the same. After about 6 weeks finally got through; I was treated rudely and charged for the six weeks that I could not get through to their customer service.

In addition, they threaten to charge me for the reciever which they were going to send me packing supplies to return. Said they would charge my VISA if not returned in 3 days. Package supplies never did arrive. They did not have my VISA.

Now they're calling saying that they don't want the receiver, throw it out !!

With all the poor servive, they want to know if they can turn the service back on again? NO NO NO


Don't bother writing DirectTV they will not answer but do write the BBB,FTC and your Attorney General(this can be done online at their websites) Keep records of all phone calls with them.My heart goes out to anyone going through this *** with DirectTV they will lie to you and charge your account they have on file early cancellation fees of $20 for every month left on your contract if you cancel service with them.If you do decide to cancel be sure to close the account they have on file for you first whether it be bank acc or cc acc.This is the only way to be sure they cannot charge your account believe me it is almost impossible to get your money back after the fact.


I recently had a receiver burn in a fire, I had to 238 dolars for a new one and now they want a 2 yr contract. I told the girl to cancel the order as my house is for sale.

She told me to have the tech call when he installs the new receiver.

So there is 2 taped conversations of agents telling me I don't have a 2 yr extension but mangement is trying to hold me to the 2 yr commitment. Listen to the recordings!


I just got off of the phone with customer service (2 people). If I don't settle down I'll have a heart attack.

I purchased a receiver 6 months ago thinking that I could save $5 a month and not pay for a leased receiver. I called in, they took the info, switched the receiver and indicated that I would receive credit which I did. I called a couple months later to ask what to do with the old receiver. The girl said they don't take them back any more and remove the card and to recycle it.

I held onto it just in case. I just received a bill where they are charging me for my receiver. When I called they indicated that I am paying for the signal going to the TV not the leasing of the box. When I indicated that I had received credit for not having to lease a receiver and that a person I talked to didn't indicate that I would still have to pay a charge he just repeated I was paying for the signal going to the extra TV.

Well I guess it's back to cable till Fios comes to town. Bastards!

PS. They just sent me a return box for the receiver I switched out 6 months ago.

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