Direct Tv is so hard to work with and by the time you add all of the fees and hookups keep the service you have. There is also a 2 year contract I am stuck with.

If you try and bundel with century link they both blame each other and then transfer you. They come to set everything up BEFORE they have shipped the modem. So it will cost money for them to come back. Not happy at all should have stayed with infinity.

Trying to lower bill but it by the time they try and bundle and quote century link the bill is more than infinity. This was the main reason I switched was to lower the bill.

When I got my first bill a lot more than what was told to me over the phone and then when I said I do not want this they stated I was locked into a 2 year contract. Ad's are missleading in price and they talk prices for centruy link they really have no relationship with.

Review about: Directv Bundle.

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