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I am going to contacted the FCC and the BBB on this one. I will also make sure to provide sample complaints from these website which clearly shows that a majority of the consumers are not being informed by direct TV.

I am an existing Direct TV customer (1 1/2yrs+). I put in a service order for Direct TV to finish a job for me putting in cable to two bedrooms. We had just bought a house and when they originally came it was wet and muddy due to the builder not laying sod yet. So I called to make arrangements to have the cable and boxes put in.

The technician was good and convinced us to not get the basic box and upgrade to a HD DVR, so we did. We set up a new appointment for installation to get the new equipment. Not once did anyone advise that our service agreement would start over. I was not impressed before with Direct TV so if I was told this I would have never gotten the HD DVR.

We called 03/26/08 to request date that we could cancel service and they advised it started over once we got the new box. I requested to see any signed forms where they explained to me that the service would change and he said they would have told us when we called and requested it. I did let him know that when I originally called it was just to have them finish a job in the house that they started. When I called back to set new appointment they did not explain that the service would start over.

They said that I cannot have a copy of anything signed because they do not have it. I have to write to the legal office and I can get a copy from the technician. I went over the contract with the CSR and request for him to show me where it explains that if I get anything new that a new service contract begins. He showed me the paragraph that should have stated that and it does not.

It just explains that you get a 18 mo. contract for a DVR and you get a 24 month contract with a HD DVR but no where it says your contract starts over every time you get a new box or any equipment. I thought that paragraph applies to the first installation. The worst thing is when they told me that I paid over $200 for a HD DVR that I do not own.

So, I am dropping the HD and Direct TV to the basic and sign up with the cable company again. At least there I may get screwed but not ******. I will wait to see if the FCC & the BBB can help first. My question is, if so many people are being scammed by Direct TV like we are why has no one done anything about it?

If they were not trying to hide something then somewhere in their contract would clearly state that the contract begins over with any change in service. If I have to print every page and website of complaints I will and I hope someone takes us serious. They made it seem like I just did not read all the different contracts and I am the only one with this problem. I too was told if I speak to a manger they will tell me the same thing so it is no use.

If anyone knows of a law suite against them please contact me. I think everyone should put in a little bit each month to pay for legal cost and sue them.

With all the websites that have complaints about Direct TV, I think that it will be very cheap for everyone.

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I agree with everything you are saying in reference to Direct TV. It is a mess.

It is impossible to get customer service that will give you correct information and I would like to cancel also but I'm not willing to give them that kind of money. I hope that FCC would look into this problem and help the consumer.


worst service ever. signal lost for hours several times per month.

paying twice what their misleading monthly offer was.

135 of the 150 channels utterly useless. HATE IT!!


Just today, had an appt (since last Thurs 4/10) for a satalite re-alignment. Heavy winds in our area knocked the satalite out of alignment so we didn't get a signa.

They now told me my appt is next Tues. 2 weeks to get my satalite re-aligned.

They have horrible customer service.


Going through the exact same thing now - happy to join a lawsuit - any chance that their complaints department will resolve in a fair manner?