Youngsville, Louisiana
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I'm moving 12 miles to a different house and since I haven't been a DTV customer for more than a year the supposed "free" move actually costs alomst $170. I raised concerns about all the trees at my new place, and the girl told me that even if they can't establish a signal I will have to continue the contract or pay $480 early term fee.

That could potentialy be $650 just to find out it doesn't work. I really used to like DTV, but if this doesn't work out prob gonna switch to FIOS.

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When I first signed up for Direct TV they told me I could get Internet with it . After they had the tv hooked up they informed me that the Internet wasn't avalible in my area.

That was bait and switch.

Since then they have raised my bill for *** stuff such as HD TV which I do not have. I think consumers need to get a class action lawsuit against these companies that are so dishonest.

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