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I had Direct TV service for 5 years at my address. when I moved, I cancelled them.

They required only the DVR to be sent back because the other boxes were so old that they no longer used them. They sent me a billing statement that stated I owed 122.36 and was due on January 21st. Then, on January 8th, they went into my checking account and just TOOK the funds. I let that go.

Today....a whole MONTH later, and after recieving notice that I have a zero balance, they debitted 45.36 MORE from my account. I called to find out why...and NO ONE can tell me...!!!!!!!

They do NOT have the right to just jump into my account and take money without my authorization!!!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $167.

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I am in on your law suit. I said the same thing in my post.

Except they took it from my credit card on file. Terrible company!


I am having pretty much the bundle rip-off experience. I called them this weekend spent an hour being passed around...hung up on and plain lied to....

It's time for consumers to collectively put a stop to this free license to defraud people who just want to watch tv. I think if enough people boycott all of the cable internet and phone providers they will be less inclined to try and scam us.

I am for whatever peaceful, but deliberate action that will protect the average consumer. Explore your legal options...and don't let them hold you hostage to a contract the responsibility to honor a contract goes both ways....if they have technical difficulties and interrupt your viewing pleasure...they ask you to be patient...try doing that when you have financial difficulties you will quickly find out that the consumer is all too often the victim!!


I ama new customer I was mis lead by the sales person, I am in my first month and have had nothing but issues from the package I was sold. The worst cistomer service ever.

I orded a bundle package of direct TV with Wild Blue and now I am lock with a 2 year contract with limited access on my Internet the bundle package was not bundled and now I have 2 outragous bills . The wild Blue has limited access One Tech installed both services.The technicians hooked my internet to the Direct TV now I dont have Cinema on Demand because I have no internet left for the month . When I watch movies it uses all the Internet allowance from Wild Blue.None of this was explained upfront. They sent 3 service men out to try to trouble shoot the issue before I figured out what the problem was.

I was instructed to buy a 150.00 router,that I cannot use for restricted internet use, Lost 6 days of work to meet with installers and technicians to figure out that the reason my cinema on demand wasent working was because I has exceeded my internet allowance the first day it was installed. I have made 14 calls to direct TV and cannot find anyone to assist me of offer any type of resolution for the issue. If I void the contract I will be charged a 500.00 Early termination fee. So I am locked in to restriced service for 2 years.

All direct TV tells me is I need a different Internet provider when they were the ones that sold me Wild Blue Service in the First Place.

No one there knows what the *** they are doing. Everytime you talk to someone yoou get a different answer.

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