Due to being out of work,I "bundled"with Qwest to have internet,phone and direct tv all together.No one ever mentioned I would be under a 2 yr contract.not Qwest,not the installation guy.It wasnt til I called to reduce our service to a cheaper plan that I learned I was being billed for movie channels,then I mentioned being out of work and I may have to disconnect all together and that's when I was informed I'm under a 2yr contract.And apparently if you break that contract you are charged a hefty amount.I felt scammed.The movie channels are free for a period of time,but you will be charged if you dont call and cancel.This is a ridiculous set up,just for some cable tv.My recourse,if I have to use it,is direct tv never got my landlords permission to install,which they are supposed to do.I dont want to be stuck with a bunch of charges if I cant pay my bill due to lack of work.

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I No your pain, I am also stuck in a 2year contract, just for them to smack me around and take advantage and lie about there advertisement they post to lure you in, its like a lion hunting a deer and we are the deer.


same thing happened to me, nobody told me about a 2yr contract and now i am stuck with their *** family package and paying almost $60 for nothing. worst mistake i ever made. can't cancel cos of the huge amount i have to pay.

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