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We recently purchased Direct TV after having Dish Network to upgrade and take advantage of special offers. When you call customer service they keep transferring you to other departments and keep you waiting to frustrate you and hope you hang up.

They promise you things but never follow through. You have to call again to see why you didn't get what you were promised only to get the run around. If they are running a special for a certain amount of time, you have to call to cancel it before the time is up or you will be billed for it. Dish offers the Fox soccer channel and 6 encore movie channels in their 150 package.

After the initial special we will have no movie channels and no good soccer channels while paying the same amount.

We can't get out until the 24 month period but we will be switching back to Dish after that.

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yeah they suck had them for awhile was good then all of a sudden we were paying almost 90 a month and switched to dish and are paying a third of that! and then i was told by direct tv if we bundled we would save big so we did our tv internet and home phone our bill was over 200 what the heck. come to find out that the company they had come out and set up the internet and home phone don't even offer anything with them.

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