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I have been mislead and lied to from my first call to direct tv. They signed me up for a service plan that was the most expensive, and told me all this stuff i would be getting for free. Starz and showtime for three months free hd for life free recievers and free instalation, plus free service for one year. I was excited, I thought I was getting a great deal switching from time warner to direct.

Then i recieved my first bill for 110$ when it was supposd to be around 40$

So i called and got to the bottom of the bill realized they were charging me for the choice ultimate pkg. down graded to the choice and set up auto pay for hd free for life for the second time.

Get my second bill. now I am being charged for starz and showtime and hd service (still) and a whole new charge for a protection plan. Now my bill is in excess of 190$ for two months. So I call again to cancel the protecion plan set up auto pay and cancel showtime and starz.

Get my third bill to find out i was never credited any thing yet but still being charged for hd and protection plan. Nor did anything come out of my account. ON this bill it stated that service may be interupted if the full amount is not paid in full the amount is now around 260$

So christmas morning rolls in and I tell the kids to go turn on the tv. they tell me its not working. THEY TURNED IT OFF ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!

So I call imidiatly to find out I cant talk to anyone unless i pay the full amount up front. I fliped out If I would have seen someone that works there I think i would have killed them. they were supposed to b taking the money out every month. I had to call in and give them my fathers account number and my wifes phone to get someone on the phone. An hour and a half on the phone with a manager to get credited 110. back to my account.

So the fourth bill comes and now I am being charged for canceling the protection plan and still being charged for hd. WTF. SO i call again. I am now told by a new rep that I don't get the hd service for free because i dont meet the service pkg requirment. This is a new one. so I argue with the guy on the phone because the flyer that i ordered from never said anything about a pkg requirment.He then gives me a 60$ to make me feel better about getting screwed. Now that i downgraded and lost it i will never be able to get that deal again. The manager that i talked to told me i was getting it for free. SO now i had to talk to another maager about getting refunded the bs charge for canceling the protection plan. she ofcourse credited my account. now i got the credit for the 10 dollar cancelation fee.

For four months of service i am about 250.00$ SO i am saving about 15$ a month for 12 months then i will be losing about 30$ a monthto finish out my contract. I did the math it will be cheaper for me to cancel ater the 12th month. Screw direct tv! i hope they get put out of buisness by the cable company. And i feel sorry for the poor souls in the country that dont have a chaoice but dish or direct. two of the worst companys in the world.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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if you decide to cancel after the 12 month period I'd make sure to cancel the auto pay on the credit card or bank account they have on file for you or they will just deduct a huge amount from your account without consulting you first. they willthen turn the matter over to collections and it will be placed on your credit report.Before you cancel service decide what you need to do and be prepared for what DTV will do.

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