direct tv are a bunch of liars,they take your money and only hooked up my livingroom tv for me,i,ve had them ever since sept and they never hooked up my bedroom tv,they just cobbled it up and left with my check,now i,ve fought with them for months to come to finish setting up my bedroom tv,they want 49.00 to come back and do it.i,ve tryed to do it myself,but its to complicated,i,m not a cable person.they stink with there lies.i wanted to get rid of them but they said they would take 400 dollars out of my checking account,for the rest of my months that they say i have to stay with them,were not free in the united states,its like were communist in a free country.i,m a widow and only have social security disability i payed in.direct tv charges 42.00 a month for garbage stations,i might as well have an antanna hooked up i,d get more stations.i wish someone could put them out of business.they stink and there mean.i,ve turned then in to the bbb,i hope it helps.sighed patricia ellis,help

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