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Been a Direct TV customer for around 7 years. Monthly bill (over $100) paid to Direct TV by direct withdrawal each month.

Recently, every 4 hours we lose our tv signal. Message on screen states "power save". Am a chronic insomniac & for 30 years the only way I can go to sleep is by watching tv (& only then AFTER being up for over 36-42 hours or longer). If I do not change the channel in 4 hours Direct TV cuts off the tv signal which instantly wakes me up & I cannot go back to sleep.

The screen states "power save". Saving power for whom--my tv is still on! Called Direct TV, explained situation & asked if anything could be done about this. Was told by representative "No".

I would like to know if this is legal (if it's not it should be). I pay my bill up front in full every month for 24 hour service (NOT 4 HOUR SERVICE). When the weather is bad & the signal is lost I understand that, but not this. My contract with Direct TV is for 24 hour service around the clock and that is what I expect--no more & no less.

Now I'm getting a LOT less. Does Direct TV expect their customers to wear the controller around their necks like a necklace for 24 hours, carry it with them all day, or set a alarm clock every 4 hours so they won't lose their tv signal? This is totally uncalled for, VERY BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE and in my opinion fraud. I was never notified of this change in "power saving", & WANT MY TV RESTORED TO FULL 24 HOUR SERVICE as stated in the contract.

Would email them myself, but do not know where to email to (only options given are to pay your bill, order movies, change to services, etc.--there is no complaint department). It is NONE of Direct TV's business if I'm watching tv or not & I do NOT need a "Direct TV Power Save" police to stop my signal every 4 hours if I'm watching tv or not! They get paid for providing me a service, but have stopped providing that service. Will be changing to cable & Direct TV is "out of here".

Hope they lose a lot of customers over this as I consider this an invasion of my privacy. Would like to know if anyone else in other states has had this problem or is this new "power save" only for the State of TN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Very kind of you "jimmybuffalo". Appreciate your help.

Am not familiar with technical issues, (cannot find explore in menu) but if you would care to explain how this is done, my husband would be able to.

Also, if there are 2 tv's, one HD, one not, would both tv's need to be set the same? Thank you!


u can make it so that power save option dont go on go into ur menu and explore


Tried "blacktopbandit's" suggestion. It worked.

Thankfully, I now have my tv reception back for more than 4 hours (so far). Explanation for this was "to save energy". Am very capable of saving energy on my own & do so on a regular basis. Too bad Direct TV lied to me about this when I called them by telling me "there is nothing that can be done to correct this problem".

Again, many thanks to blacktopbandit for his advise. Hopefully it will be of help to others in this same situation.


Thank You! Wish Direct TV had told me that instead of "No there is nothing you can do about it".

Much Appreciation! Very kind of you.


Thats not direct tv, thats in your settings mine did the same thing. go into settings and turn off the power save and it will quit doing that