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I was looking forward to watching the NFL season opener football game today. I purposely did not make plans with friends to go to a bar and watch the game because Direct TV was offering a "free" preview of all the NFL games.

I went to channel 702 (NFL channel) at approx 11:00 am and it caused my whole system to lock up. I called tech support to report the issue, and they couldn't wait to get me off the phone and tried to push me off to the on line support forum (afer spending 30 minutes on the phone, mostly on hold). I got my system re-booted, but they did have information as early as 11;00 am that there was a problem with the channel. At kick-off time, I turned to the same channel, and got the same result--my box and TV locked up.

I called again, waited on hold over 15 minutes, only to be told that they're having a problem with "certain types of receivers." No ETA on when the game would be available, and no information on how to get an update on the situation. This is unacceptable! DO NOT OFFER A "FREE PREVIEW" IF YOU CANNNOT DELIVER. I'm so bummed that I missed my team's season opener because of DirectTV's total incompetence.

I'm looking into going back to Comcast as this situation was handled so poorly.

This may be the only game the Buffalo Bills win all season and I MISSED IT. thanks a pantload DirectTV!

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We have had DTV for 8 yrs and NFL package for most of those years with no trouble, until last week. This is the 2nd week we have not been able to watch the Saints game.

Last week, after 52 mins it turned itself off completely on the HD channel but it played on the Non-HD channel. Today, 10/9, it tells me the game is blacked out.

I have spoken to DTV several times and get different stories. All that answer in Customer Service agree there is a problem and are receiving many complaints. The Tech department are idiots and think we are too. They say no one has complained about issues. Go figure and gave me a $5 credit. Today, they tell me they don't control the blackouts that the local channel owners do. Well, when I told them I put my zipcode in there website to see what games are to be blacked out, it showed it was available on NFL Sunday Ticket and on the Choice package. When I told them that, they tell me my market is Louisville KY and it is on their local channel. Asked me if I had the local package and I said no... Here is the kicker!!! We can't have the local package because they refuse to give it to us because my county is not in that "Louisville" market, yet they keep telling me I have to have the local channels to see the game. We don't have tower antenna because they don't work here. Now I can spend another $150 for local cable on top of DTV but why they *** do I want to spend more money. Can't get out of the contract with DTV because I just upgraded a box to HD. They also refuse to credit any money back to us because they are smart assess that think they can get away with this BS.

I think they believe they are superior to all but guess again they are not. I spend over $300 a year for NFL... We were going to add Hockey but not now and we won't be renewing Baseball. I will cut everywhere I can until this contract is up.

MY RECOMMENDATION TO EVERYONE IS TO NOT GET DirecTV. We are all for joining a lawsuit if there is one out there. But for folks that are looking, check all viable options. You will find it cheaper if you combine a couple of sources or better yet, hit the sports bars and save your money.


Mike P wrote,"I just called and asked, they gave me a $30.00 credit for the inconvenience."

I have been with Direct for 10 years and NFL Ticket was paid for month by month.

I just called them for compensation ($30) and they flat out refused, then I threatened to cancel my subscription AND service and they still refused.

After football is over I am over with them all together.

Streaming internet television is where I go from here. It's the future.

If there's a law suit for services not rendered, count me in.

Screw Them!.


First year with and it was the most annoying service ever. It worse then not seeing the game. The ball is in the air shoots back to pregame show


We had the same problem and you had to wait on hold and they said they were working on th problem. Its not the first week that was pre season, Direct tv needs to refund last week for those that had the football p[ackge


I have been a Directv customer for about 15 years only for the sake of having the NFL ticket. I had the same problem Sunday and if I could have got a hold of a live person on the other end of the phone they would have regretted answering it.

Directv's customer service is a f'in joke, everytime I have to call them I wonder why the *** I still give them any of my money. Get a clue Directv, you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Same happened to me, missed the first half of the Bears game, had friends leave to go watch it at a bar, and had tons of leftovers that I won't possibly eat. I'm glad they got it resolved, I just want them to give me something for the trouble.

I just called and asked, they gave me a $30.00 credit for the inconvenience.


An even bigger rip off (with the exception of the bar owner) was their NFL to go streaming. I tried, but could not get directtv service at my house due to line of sight issues.

I forked over the $350 for the "to go" package, only to discover the web app link was broken and is still not fixed today (Monday 9/12). The app on my iPad and iPhone allowed me to watch about 5 seconds at a time before freezing for 30-40 seconds then repeating the cycle. Customer service is refusing to offer partial refunds for the missed games and only offers to let you cancel at no charge.

That would be great if I could get the service from another provider, but they have exclusive rights. DirecTV and the NFL should realize why people access the illegal web broadcasts and create a viable solution that is fair to customers


I had the same problem but was able to see the 2nd half of Bears game after the problem was fixed. Also note that the Sunday Ticket on the go did not work on my PC; so the problem was more than just a receiver problem. Bad day all around.


I called to have direct tv installed gave me a very good price 4 for tvs they got here only had the equipment for 2 tvs they said I didn't ask for 4 tvs they said they would be glad to hook up the 2 tvs but they would have to come back out for the other 2 tvs but it would take another week to 10 days I said shook your stuff and *** off.


Yeah. Same happened to me.

Missed the bears opener.

But I lost signal. But I have a new receiver (HR24NC)


I hear your complaint..but.try spending.3 grand to.have it @ your bar and have customers walkout all cost me thousands. Dear dtv...*** you!


From what I can tell this outage was national and affected only HD systems with the older H20/H21 receivers (the majority of existing HD receivers). As soon as you went to channel 703 on up, you experienced the complete receiver freeze up.

This was resolved by Directv around 3PM eastern time. The software issue was on their end.

Their national CSR switchboards were overloaded by thousands and thousands of calls.

First day. First games. Big PR blunder for Directv.

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