I signed up for Direct TV through My ACN affiliataion. I was under the impression after seeing several advertisements NFL Sunday Ticket Free for all new Subscribers. With that said I signed up for Direct TV on June 5, 2011. I am now being told that I do not have NFL ticket. I spoke to a supervisor who said nothig could be done now. The MAIN reason I CAME BACK to Direct TV was the free offer for NFL Sunday TIcket. I feel mislead due to this mishap and demand it to be fixed. I feel that the Free NFL Ticket was being used as a ploy to get new customers, when the NFL season was in question to begin with.

I've been a happy direct tv customer several times, and never had a complaint before. But i am not a happy customer right now, and would like this fixed as soon as possible. When I signed up NFL Ticket was being offered for Free, i'd like for you to honor the deal.

I will be reporting to the local BBB.

Michael Ritter



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Review about: Directv Account.

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I being a Direct TV Customer for over 12 years am thoroughly insulted by the fact that only new customers will receive the NFL Ticket Package. I think that if they offer it to new customers all customers should be able to have it.

It would be a different story if they were offering 3 months of HBO or showtime as an incentive, That I would understand since its a continuously broadcasted channel and not a special attraction or addition. And the cost of the programming were as little as they are per month compared to the NFL Package. Needless to say, I am considering switching.

I have Verizon fiOS for phone and internet. So switching to TV would be an easy transition.


I signed up in July 2011 with the Ultimate Package. On Sunday Sept 18, 2011 I went to Channel 701 and NO Sunday Ticket. I called Direct TV and they said that I didn't "signed up" for the Ticket.

Had to call the distributor that I purchase the Direct TV from. With DirectSat (the company that I got the Direct TV service from)help and after talking to 4 different Direct TV reps; I'll now get it. But it will take "7 business days" to "turn it on"! Why? Because of their screw-up to add it in the first place!

I like Direct TV as their programming is great. But their service sucks!

You have to stay on top of them to make sure you're getting what you pay for.


I was also under the impression that the free NFL TICKET was given to new subscribers. I understand them wanting to sign up cable subscribers, but to give former subscribers the free ticket when its been "US" who have continued to pay the huge monthly fees is an insult.

I'm a big sports fan and I have a favorite team I want to follow but not at the prices they charge.

I plan to go to my local sports bar and enjoy some food and drink while I watch my favorite team. Its better we keep our money in the local economy then to give it to a MONSTER satellite company who dont seem to care about its soon to be former customers.


Mr.Ritter you are not the only one that they are doing that too.They did nt honor the NFL ticket for free,or anything else they were suppost to.I am very upset that they lied to get new customers too.Seems like a scam to us to.

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