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I have been going back and forth with Direct TV for 7 months now. The original salesman made promises to my wife that they could never keep inorder to make the sale. Direct TV's solution to make up for this was to screw us more.

They agreed to send us the HD DVR that was originally promised with the sale, however only sent a non-dvr hd box. When I called to advise them of the mistake, I was treated as if I should be greatful they even sent that box. They advised that if I wanted an HD-DVR, I would need to go to Best Buy and purchase it myself, it was not possible for them to send the correct box. Direct TV advised that they would credit our account for the amount of the box. Agreed.

A week later, a Direct TV rep called and asked if we had purchased the new box. We advised the local Best Buy was short on stock of the current boxes and advised us to check back in a couple of weeks. The rep advised that he would call back in a couple of weeks to recheck the status and instructed us to place the HD box in the recovery kit he was sending and mail it back once we had the new box. We agreed.

From that point we never heard back from the rep, two weeks passed, and next thing we know is a checking account of ours, not associated with our online billing was debited $410.00 for unreturned equipment. After numerous 1 1/2 hr to 2hr 20 minute phone calls, Direct TV advised that they would send out a tech to install the corect box (originally said that this was not possible and to go to Best Buy) and that our account would be fully refunded the money with 72 hours.

Guess what..... that didn't happen. I know, shocking isn't it?

The customer service rep that PROMISED the money would be returned within 72 hours was named Janice who works with their Customer Retention or cancelation department. Her supervisor Paul was on the line involved with the call as well. (By the way, if you are actually lucky enough to get transferred to a supervisr, be advised the original rep is still on the line as well. These two were wispering back and forth and thought I actually couldn't hear them.) The supervisor Paul advised on the call that in addition to being refunded the money for the nonreturned equipment charge, which was for the wrong equipment sent by the company, that our contract would be extended when the new box is installed.

I was very displeased to hear this. Why would my contract be extended due to Direct TV correcting an error that was made on their part since the very begining????

Paul agreed to note the file that our contact would not be extended. Paul did advise that our contract was extended when they sent out the plain HD box and that there was nothing he could do about that. Paul provided the president of Direct TV's office address and advised to take it up with him.

It gets even better, when I call back a week and a half later to ask about the refund that never arrived, my new rep Amber, who was actually the only honest straight talker over there, advised that 72 hours was noted but should have never have been promised, that Janice and Paul never finalized the request (or even sent it in the first place) and that she recommends calling back a couple of days after something like this has been promised to make sure the rep actually did what was stated because there are times where it doesn't happen.

So let me get this right, I need to now supervise and babysit the Direct TV reps to make sure they follow thru on their promises???? Oh wait, I have already been doing that for 7 months now anyway.

So at this point, the money is not refunded, I have to schedule follow up tasks for next week to make sure the request was actually sent, then I am supposed to call back again to make sure the refund was approved, because if the refund is denied or kicked out of the system they will not be notifying you of this.

Phone time with Direct TV at this point 9 1/2 HOURS. Stay tuned for the results of Chapter 8 The case of the mysterios vanishing payment reimbursement request........ (I have operator numbers for all noted in this story. You may want to ask for the operator number or else when you call back, they just advise that there are no notes in the file and that there are hundreds of reps that it could have been.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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I checked my account today and the refund has still not arrived. I am currently on hold for today's service rep, Rick, to check with his supervisor (Fred) on the problem. Rick has now advised that it appears the refund request was completed incorrectly. Rick advises the prior rep should have submitted the request as "overcharged credit card" and not "special refund request". Rick has advised that it will now take 3-5 days to have this reviewed. Rick is going to check with another supervisor on what can be done.

I cannot believe this is happening. Hold on, Rick is back on the line.

Oh, now he tells me that it was done correctly from the begining because there is not a card linked to the account for automatic payments.

My response: Rick look at the account, my wife's card is listed for all payments, not my debit card which you charged for nonreturned equipment that was never supposed to be charged in the first place. Why does a credit card listed on the account have anything to do with your company inccorrectly charging nonreturned equipment fees to it's customers?????

Rick's response: I see that, let me check with my supervisor (Fred) and I'll be right back...... Ok, the payment refund is still pending and will probably be complete by January 4th.

I don't know why I even try with these guys. Call time on the last update 35mins 24 secs. Call time on this update 27mins 13 secs. That brings us to a grand total of over 10 1/2 hours with DirecTV.

In closing, I did ask Rick if he could see any reason why all these problems occurred in the first place, no answer.


Nightmare Update:

Called this evening and spoke to Brent with Customer Service. Brent advises that he sees the reimbursement request however it will take 8 - 10 days for the review board to issue a decision on whether to refund the money. I advised that we were told the total process would take that period of time. Brent advised "Look I'm familiar that there is a reimbursement review process but I don't know how long it takes for the payment. I would just call back in 8 days and find out what happened with the review."

They actually need a board to review the case and agree that they mistakenly charged my account for sending me the wrong equipment? The customer service reps don't even know the particulars with their own reimbursement process?

Thanks DirecTV for doing this, especially around Christmas time. It's not like we had the money set aside for presents or anything. It is a financially risky decision to do business with DirecTV.


Direct TV = Worst Customer Service EVER

I have never in my life dealt with such poor customer service

You have to file a BBB complaint to get anything done and then the office of the presidency will contact you.

Please file complaints, they have no right to boast having the best customer service around.

The Sales Call promised us bundling and NFL ticket at an incredibly low rate. NOT TRUE any of it except the actual service. Called to cancel and was told I had to have canceled in 24 hours and it had been 27. Fought with them for 4 weeks and after 3 (3!) BBB complaints, the office of the presidency finally called me. they reviewed my original call and realized they were wrong and everything they told me was a lie.

They agreed to let me out of the contract but are still forcing me to pay the bill for the services that I did not want!! they cant eat the 1 bill when they have all the records showing how much I fought this and did not want this b/c it was all a lie!!

Now they say I have to pay the bill that I was forced to have in b/c they have NO ESCALATION PATH and the ONLY way to get any traction is to file BBB complaints.

I will be filing complaints everyday until they listen, I should not have to pay for a service I didnt want and was forced to keep.

And BTW if you are contacted by the office of the presidency and you get Erin as your rep, good luck, she is awful too.

File BBB complaints!!!

I will fight this to the death