Livingston, New Jersey

American Idol is a national institution. Must I change over to DISH or local cable service after 7 years of quality service?

How many customers must see American Idol each year and cast a correct vote so that we can watch for the next Adam Lambert?

FOX also carries another American institution, the NFL. Where is your Natioal Allegence PEOPLE? Direct tv will loose alot of loyal customers because of this lame choice.

What is next?

ABC, NBC, CB or maybe PBS channels. Then we can all go back to cable television for our evening entertainment with our children and our dogs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Okay everyone, take a deep breath and relax. Before you rush to change subscribers you should turn on your tv's.


I called and talked to a guy named Jay OK RIGHT i could barely understand him and he said I could watch it live through my computer i cant find where to do that


:cry This will be the first year of American Idol that I am missing because Direct TV and Fox cannot agree. Thinking of dropping Direct TV....


its greedy sunbeam and its just because directv is first next it might be another cable or satilite co. they want 300% more just in time for playoffs.

do you want to pay 20-30$ a mounth more. its ransom give me more money or no game,american idol ect. at lest dtv would talk to me sunbeam only had a repeating message.

mabe help me howard could help. so changing service wont stop them from over charging the next cable/satilite co 300% and youll be in the same position again.


Every one should drop direct tv...they can't do anything legal with our contracts with and tell them you are canceling....teach them a lesson...I am....


I can't believe it either. To tell us it's a technical difficulty when it's not is incomprehensible. I'm going to talk with consumer retention because I'm really pissed off.


has anyone called them They will warn you that you have a contract tell them a contract goes both ways they drop fox i drop direct tv


Unbelievable, no Idol, no warning. Technical difficulties...BS


I cannot BELIEVE this! I was SO PUMPED to watch American Idol for the first time and now I can't! :eek :cry :sigh


I am changing too! SOOOOOO mad and upset with Direct TV, they suck!