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I have had it with DIRECT TV!I pay to have access to the holiday music channel, channel 815, and I noticed it wasn't available around Halloween for Halloween party music, which I figured was just unavailable, but now here it is less than one week away from Thanksgiving, and I am hosting a party, and NO holiday music channel 815 is available STILL!I'm so sick of paying for service with Direct TV and not getting what I pay for.Now I'll have to go out and buy Christmas music CD's when I shouldn't need to, which is the whole reason why I pay for this *** expensive statellite TV service so I don't need to purchase other forms of media.Get your act together Direct TV!Called technical support on this, and they said the music channel 815 has been out and they are trying to fix it, well, it's been out for over a month!FIX IT!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Technical Support.

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This is confusing. Please change the name of this channel if you refuse to play "Holiday" music on it. It is very misleading.


Thanks, L.Loowho -- I am home alone and didn't notice that 801 has the music instead of 815. You made my day!! Thanks!


I changed to 801 and it worked there. :) Best of luck and happy holidays!


Oh boo hoo hoo. You want some cheese with that whine you big baby?

If this is all you have to complain about then be thankful.

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

@Cry me a river

You're an ***! Way to help someone.

Of course they have a right to complain, they PAY a high price for services that aren't being provided so you should take your *** attitude somewhere else. ***!


Hello,Try to flip to Channel 801 I did not have it either up until today! I agree that they are not the best! Hope it helps


Direct tv sucks! That's why we're leaving.

We're tired of paying for the service and not be able to get what we pay for. The consumers

are being ripped off right and left from all the greedy corporate bastards!!


I too contacted Direct TV because I was not getting the holiday channel. They instructed me to upgrade my service if I wanted to have channel 815.

This is pretty bad customer service considering that this channel has been free for years.

Sounds like they found something peopled enjoyed and decided to just charge extra. Way to go Direct TV, you suck!


Did it ever occur to you that maybe...just might be Sonic that's screwed up and not Directv?


Yeah, you two *** first I do pay to have a subscription to Sirius XM too! Wtf are you talking about, yeah i do use Direct TV for televusion, BUT I also pay to have access to music channels as that is part of the pkg!

The point is tgat Direct TV has *** service and channels ard always being "fixed". Second, in reply to the other ***'s comment about Christmas being 5 weeks away, tgat has nothing to do with it!

I pay for this channel, and all other cable/satellite companies, including Sirius, already have Christmas music playing. As soon as I can, I will switch to Dishnetwork any other provider other tgab Direct TV, but unfortunately I'm only 5 months into my *** 2 yr contract!


I use Direct TV for television. If you want Holiday Music, get a subscription to Sirius-XM.