I was set to receive my direct tv on saturday when the technician arrived and said he could not install due to the weather and lack of proper ladder. no problem.

On day two they arrived and said that they could not install due to lack of proper ladder and cables. Customer service relayed this to the technician supervisor who would be contacting me within the hour to hopefully, install our cable. An hour goes by and no phone call from the supervisor. I then called direct tv again and they assured me that a supervisor would be contacting me to take care of the issue.

Again, no phone call. It is quite pathetic how direct tv sub-contracts all of their installations instead of taking control of their own installations. I was excited to become a direct tv customer but now I will never be a customer due to lack of service. I will now place an order with verizon fios who actually have verizon people do their installations.

As for the direct tv installation supervisor for the far rockaway, ny area, man up or enjoy unemployment because you should be fired for the lack of any service. Anyway, I hate complaining but I have now become an advocate against direct tv. No one should have to deal with such a lousy television company.

All the best on your downward spiral out of the game. Rest in peace direct tv...

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