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Need to hire people with customer service acknowledgment, call today to get information on service was given 3 different quotes and was told I was looking at the add on the internent wrong, that some place after clicking on other 4 pages i will see that additional fees applied, but not on the add I was reading, last 2 days $29.99 for 150, the person that answer the phone was in a rush to get all my information including my SS# to see what kind do deal she was able to give to me.? This was a surprise for me she insisted so I gave up and gave her my Ss# there wa no deal, my question is what diference will it make you will getthe monthly payment or you will disconnect the service, to me this is descrimination, she tranfer me to her supervisor an *** that i believe was a coworker unrespectul and no customer service talent.

DIRECT TV you do not need my business.

And I do not need your service. All the person on the phone wanted was just another *** to to sign up on a false add.

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Did you speak to John...ha ha I also called today and this guy told me he was not familiar with his own website!

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