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My father is 90 years old. He is not aware of a lot of the way things are.

Somewhat naive in some ways. I try to protect him from unscrupulous people who prey on senior citizens. Direct TV is one of those types of companies,absolutely heartless, only out to make a buck. They contacted him about using their services, although he already had Dish TV and was quite satisfied with it.Evidently the saleswoman gave him a salespitch, assuring him there would be no problems, no extra costs, etc.

and kept him on the line until she beat him down and into submission to their service. He is now out $192 early cancellation fees from Dish TV, plus $46 to send them back their equipment. Had he known this ahead of time, he would not have agreed to the switch. Granted, the salesperson did not know who she was dealing with at the time and his lack of understanding of the whole situation, but upon my finding out 2 days later after the installation, and explaining to them what had happened , and his lack of understanding, they would not relent and cancel the order without wanting $460.

Absolutely heartless. I've seen so many bad things on here about this company, and now I know it's all true what you all have said about them.

If anyone who's reading this is even thinking about using this companies services, STOP!!! not go there. They use arm-twisting type tactics to sell their services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $238.

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Direct TV is not a good company. Direct TV employees lie to get your business a about what they offer you. Once you sign the contract The deal change.