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i am deaf and can not call and even though I have emailed them that my sister could talk for me they will not let her and say she can use relay but I can not i do not have a phone or the equipment needed to use relay. I have been paying for a second box for 3 years ans it never worked they would not come exchange it or fix it.

and i paid 95.00 a month and had no hbo or starz or any movie channels . I finally said enough and went to new wave .And without my ok took my final bill out of my account causing a huge overdraft and losts of fees now I am broke and can not buy food the rest of the month . I live on disability.

so everyone out there dont pay with you debit card because they can go in and take your money with out your knowledge . .

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Call your bank and ask if they will let you reverse the charges. If you have been with DTV for 3 years,you should not be under a contract unless you ordered new updates also write your local "Troubleshooter" through your local newspaper or tv starion and see if they cannot help you get your money back from DTV. Good Luck

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