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I am so sorry that Direct TV has turned out to be such a disappointment. We were led to believe that "TV on Demand" was a great innovation to Direct TVs programming, instead it turned out to be a scam.

Some 80 or 90 percent of the movies are Pay only . The remainder that are free are not fit to watch. This could be easily corrected by giving us some decent free movies instead of the garbage they are now showing.

I really don't want to move to another company but unless they give us some indication they are going to change, I intend to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Way to many commercials when watching on demand and mist are the same ones over and over


Sorry!We have no programs at this time that match the filter you selected. I am having the same problem.

Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't! Why hasn't this been fixed by now?...?


Well I see that things have not changed since this post was initiated 5 years ago.

I too just got DirecTV, and after many headaches of getting it to connect to the internet, (whole other story), found that their "internet connection features" are a joke. Including OnDemand.

My first sign should have been when the WPA/WPA2 security protocol for their system will not accept special characters.

Every other device on planet earth that uses WPA/WPA2 can use any ASCII character. So I have to change every wireless device on my network with a weaker level passphrase just to accommodate DirecTV.

It just blows my mind how companies get away with this ***!

Right now I'm getting the horrid....."Sorry! Right now, we don't have any programs that match the filter you just selected."

But wait!!

Maybe AT&T will fix it!! Don't hold your breath. Hoping to see a class action suite soon. I'll sign the petition.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck in a 2 year contract. Will be going back to cable when it's over.


I agree, on demand for comcast was great! If I missed my favorite show on a Monday night , I could watch it on Tuesday night on Demand.

DirecTV, not so.

DirecTV hardly ever has my shows on demand, if they do it's a few episodes and not in any particular order. It's on demand is horrible, other than that, I will stay with DirecTV and hope they improve their on demand.


I've had Direct since February. Silly me, I didn't test the On Demand when the installer was here.

(Prior to this I had Dish Network and Comcast, both of which I had all sorts of issues with BUT both their On Demand was actually On Demand) Guess I should have stuck with one of those. I have attempted over the last few weeks to binge watch some of the various, very popular programs on these days and I either get one episode from this season or some error message about nothing in the filter.... I wanna scream.

Basically it is like I am back 10 years ago when there was no On Demand, I am paying for it but it isn't really there.


I agree. But would say the Premium Channel movies (that aren't free) ratio to my package is about 98:1 -- which is okay, but it won't let me filter out all the pay movies and scan what Is available.

Glad I kept Netflix. This marketing tool is a blatant lie.


Dude there are hundreds of free movies you have to pay for the. Movies to be 1080 p I work for direct tv you look at movies on demand and thwart wil give them to you for free most of the time even in HD you pay for better quality I hope this helped


I agree. We just got direct tv and we are very disappointed!


On demand is a joke. Why on Earth would I pay $3.99 to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off or Finding Memo or an 80s movie?

It's also *** that I can't watch a show I missed without having to sit through the commercials. Many times I have only been able to watch half of the show and when I go back in to watch it the fast forward has been disabled so that I can't just go to the last place I left off. If you rewind too far forget it too.

Just ***! And too expensive for it too :(


Yeah Direct let me down also. They promised the cinema kit over the phone when i called to start service, the guy installed direct and told me that he could not hook the Cinema connection kit because i did not have internet at the time, but to call when I get internet service and it will be sent out without informing me of charges.

When i do get internet service they charged me 34 bucks for a kit that should of came with the service. Once the kit gets here and installed,I just had to laugh and this ***! No on demand service like i would have with Time Warner Cable, everything have to be downloaded. My tv in the front room only gets facebook and you tube on there, so much for whole home service.

Direct i hope u know when my contract is up, I am going back to Time Warner or checking ATT u verse out. I donot like liars... You have lied to me and others.

I can only fought myself for this, I should have did more research on your company before i singed up service with your.


Best thing to do is pick something to complain about, and call them. It will require two or three phone calls.

At first they say no, second time around is again a no unless its something simple. Third time is the charm, everything is recorded and they have surveys, so they are trained to just give you what you want on the second or third complaint about the same thing even if your wrong.

They do this because so few people will actually pursue it, and the ones that do, just shut me up with freebies.

@How to get what you want

Please don't comment on things you don't know. Directv is not a perfect company.

No company is. I do work for them, however, and I feel the need to correct you in saying that is not how we are trained. I can't speak for every agent's behavior, however, so I'm sorry if anyone had a bad experience. Deal with 35 entitled, impolite people a day and then comment.

You'll have a different perspective on the reason we might say no. 90% of the people we talk to are crazy or lying through their teeth.


DirecTV customers are ENTITLED, we are entitled to the services to which we contracted for based on information provided by the company. Are we annoyed?

Yes, when you are shelling out money each month you expect to get what is promised. And do you expect to hear from happy people?

Stop generalizing about your customer base, there have been times when I have called DirecTV 3-4 times per week for the same issue, the solutions are ALWAYS temporary and no one seems to know why. I get the "too bad, so sad" attitude.


Lying sacks of horse excrement. Their horrible service is only surpassed by their lousy, inconsistent technology.


"My TV wont let me watch anything I want, any time I want, in any room I want!!!"

"Man I thought I could just press a button and watch like thousands of movies?"

"They told me my TV was gonna fly me around the deserts of some far off land just like Aladdin. They lied!"

First world problems....



such bs. The movies that are free are ***….

and the downloading time is total bs. I miss comcast!


I agree. I HATE direct tv.

We were so excited about the thousands of free movies too - "just like having Netflix in your house" the sales guy old us. Ha! You want me to pay 4.99 to watch Shawshank Redemtpion (a favorite) when I can watch it free on TNT pretty much every month? And 1.99 for Airplane???

4.99 for "10"?? Gimme a break! A bunch of BS. Even ordering a PPV movie is a pain in the *** We had to call and go thru a long process to be able to PAY for a movie bc we hadnt ordered one in over 30 days!


I freaking hate this service but now we have *** in our house and a *** dish stuck to our roof. Grrrrrrr


Directv LIED about CINEMA to me too. No excuses, most of the free movies are free because we have 4 movie channels included in our package.

In addition they are including season catch ups from MTV etc. They would have you believe that there are 7000 thousand free movies included, not true!


Yeah I switched to direct tv about 7 months ago. And I am really having "buyers" remorse.

The on demand is horrible. You have to download it on your main box to watch it anywhere else in the house. The ondemand is just a bunch of movies you have to pay for. I miss Verizon.

To be honest all of the providers of TV leave somet hing left to be desired. Day in and day out no matter who I have ever had I feel like I am getting taken advantage of.


Fios is the best I have ever had.