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When we called Direct TV initially, we were quoted a price of $69.95, and were told that for the first year we would automatically get $20.00 off - making our monthly payment $49.95. Then, we would pay $69.95 for the second year. I asked for the quote in writting, like an e-mail, and I was told that there was no need because I was being charged a flat fee and an automatic discount would apply. - Nonetheless, as new customers we would have 30 days to cancel our service from the time of installation, if we were not happy with the service.

On Februray 19, 2008, Direct TV installed the dish and receivers. On February 21, 2008, we received our first bill for $75.95. When we called in to clarify this mistake (on the 23rd) we were then informed that we had to pay the bill in full, complete a rebate form and that the rebate would be effective in a couple months. After spending one hour on the phone with customer service, we needed to get back to work & figured we'd call back later when we had more time. Meanwhile, Direct TV blocked some of the channels that we were promised as part of our initial package and had been receiving prior to this phone call.

Today, on February 29,2007, my husband and I called again to figure out what the heck was going on. After speaking with several customer service reps, we were finally transfered to a Supervisor Ryan who explained that there was nothing he could do (after all, why would you call customer service and expect that department can resolve any issues) and if we wanted to cancel our account that we would be charged $430.00 as an early cancelation fee because we didn't cancel within the "3 day period" - Keep in mind we've only had Direct TV for 9 days now, and we were originally told that we had 30 days from the date of installation to cancel. And, inorder to have the cancelation fee waived, I needed to submit a written request to a PO Box in Greenwood, CO - Att: Billing Dept - and conveniently enough, that department doesn't have a phone number or live person to speak with.

Now working for an attorney over the past five years, I've learned a thing or two - and what Direct TV was telling me just didn't sound right. So I asked to speak to Ryan's Supervisor - and he gave me some joke of a woman named Pam. (Yes I have both their Employee ID #'s for a formal complaint.) She was probably one of the RUDEST people I have ever spoken with - she obviously doesn't like her job (who can blame her) nor is she in anyway qualified to speak with, address, let alone resolve customer service issues. The long/short of my unpleasant phone conversation with her, is that pursuant to Direct TV policy, new customers have 24 HOURS to cancel their service before being charged $430.00 early cancelation fee - and that it would be automatically charged to the credit card we provided them at set up- which we were told would establish our credit so they could waive any activation fees.

I asked her for a copy of our contract as we had never received "a contract" explaining the three day cancelation condition, nor any authorization from either myself or my husband to apply any charges or fees to the credit card. Of course, my friend Pam didn't have access to any of that - but somehow she was certain that I was out of line for suggesting the facts were anything other than what she was saying. In fact, she directed me to the Direct TV website - which by the way, in NO WAY DEFINES ANY TIME PERIOD FOR CANCELATIONS. After wasting even more of my life on this rediculous call, Pam herself said there was nothing she could do, but direct me to write to the legal department - which is the same address as the billing department - and once again doesn't have a phone number or real person to speak with.

I am absolutely fighting this 110% - and filing as many complaints against Direct TV and "Pam" as possible. I am interested to know how many other customers have fallen victim to the scam known as Direct TV - if we can get enough of us together we could possibly have a class action law suit. The suit wouldn't be for the money, but to have some sort of justice for those of us getting ripped of by Direct TV.

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Hi my name is juan & im currently on the phone with direct tv and they're currently trying to make me pay for the early termination fee 430$ ive only had it for 17 days , they never mention a 2 year contract to me and they just hanged up on me




Signed on with Direct TV for a specific monthly rate for 12 months as it clearly states on-line (check for yourself).After three months they raised the rate and said that the monthly rate change had nothing to do with original agreement.

Huh?So this means they can change the price anytime they please in spite of a promised and agreed rate for 12 months?


I have had DirecTV for eight years and have NEVER had a problem with equipment or customer service.Any time I call with a problem, the staff has been very curteous and helpful.

I have a service contract which costs $4.99 a month. The few times that I have had to call for service have all been handled expediently and professionally. I recently called to inquire about how to reduce my monthly bill and was presented with several new options.

I selected one that reduced my monthly bill by $20.00 and got me free HBO for three months.Perhaps some folks should take a long hard look at how they interact with people (i.e., customer service reps) and life may get a little bit better for them.


We just had a very similar experience with Direct TV. Plan on hiring an attorney to sue them, going to cancel our cc so they cant charge it, and going to do all I can to have the guy fired that I spoke with.

We got their service on a Monday, I hated it from the start. By Wednesday the service wasnt working. I called and got some crock story about tree branches blocking the signal or may be snow and that I would be without service til the tree branch was moved or the snow melted. I got upset and told the gal that if I was going to have to deal with *** stuff like that I would cancel my service since I had just gotten it. She said "Yes ma'am" and that was it. So I asked her specifically, how long do I have to change my mind on the service. She told me 14 days. By the next Monday (7 days after install) I was calling to cancel and I was told that I would be charged a $480 fee. Despite what that other girl told me, they wont back down on the fee. I was told by Matt (a supervisor) that I only had 24 hours to cancel the service. I was NEVER told that by anyone prior to, or at the time of, install. I was told by Matt that it isnt their DUTY to tell me, I have to ask what the cancellation policy is. *** it is!

I told them that they breached their contract with me because 1) they told me I would get LOCAL channels....my LOCAL channels were for a town 2 hours/110+ miles south of me, when the town I live in has local channels of their own 2) I never agreed...

They can eat the cost because I will be getting my lawyer on it (I'm a paralegal) and cancelling my cc! Then there will be a letter sent to their "legal department" along with a Complaint for a lawsuit and a Complaint for Consumer Fraud!!

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I made a bundle with qwest to have my phone service, internet and cable.I made the contract with qwest not direct tv or verizon, today i have 30 days with the service i was told i could cancel withing that time frame.

When i talk to a representative they had told me i only had 15 days n because it has been 30 days i now have ot pay an early cancelation fee of $460 for something i aint going to use.Dont believe qwest and its bundle they are all lies!


I called direct tv and for a quote for 34.99 with the HD reciver, because of my credit I had tio party a down payment of $200.00 so I could be abel to have three HD dvr reciver.When they come to install they install a regular digital box with a reualr antenna.

When I call them and told them that the wrong box was being installed though told me that Ididnt order the Hd box with the HD antenna. I asked them tio listen tio the conversation that I had wirh the sales rep and they said that they couldn't. This company is the.worst. Now I recived a letter thanking me for singing up for a protection plan.that I.never ordred.

I dont.undersrand how they do this like that. Why wpuld I need a protextion plan for something that im leasing.

I mean if its phsicall damege I.understand but for tech difficulty.Direct tv sucks

Onset, Massachusetts, United States #229640

Agreed!Directv is awful!

Everything they do is designed to rip you off and hope you don't notice. If you do notice and try to fix it they will threaten you.

You have to call the cancellation department for any service you want because they aren't going to help you unless you are canceling.Then if you want to cancel even after only one day of service you will be robbed of $450+

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #193259

You were looking into it and gave your cc info?...what the ***? Don't be so quick to be a sucker and hand out your money before you know why they're asking for it.

My wife and I have had no problems with DTV whatsoever, but we did our research and READ the fine print, asked locals and neighbors that had it. I wouldn't imagine just calling in ordering what i only saw on tv or in an ad without doing my homework and giving out my cc info. That's just plain ***.

For those that did, I feel for you and this is not directed towards you. I've worked as tech support for a cable company and I've heard many complaints from customers in certain areas that just get bad service, so I know what you all feel when it seems there's nothing the company can do for you.

For those unnecessarily criticizing the upset consumers affiliating them with *Hitler* or *Satan* (please learn to spell; by reading your posts I feel like I've lost IQ points) is not cool. Keep your comments to your *** selves.


If you are thinking about getting DTV, please, for your sake and sanity, DON'T DO IT !!My wife and I are being charged a monthly fee, installation fees, 480.00 cancellation fee, etc and WE NEVER GOT THE SERVICE !

We just called for info and (for some reason) my wife was told they needed our CC number to get a 'pending' account.

The customer support (Ha !) department is no help at all, and are very rude.This has been going on for over two months and I am now on hold, waiting for a supervisor, as I type this.

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